Integrating Film (Clips) in the Foreign Language Curriculum

CSL Presentation and Workshop Series


“Integrating Film (Clips) in the Foreign Language Curriculum”


Presentation and workshop on two consecutive days
Mark Kaiser, Language Center, University of California-Berkeley *


When: Monday, May 7, 2012
Time: 12:30PM
Location: Cobb 210

This presentation looks at issues involved in the use of clips cut from feature films for the development of listening comprehension, the modeling of cultural artifacts, the portrayal of attitudes and behaviors, and the development of symbolic competency. We will look at some of the tools now available that allow the use of film without resorting to subtitles. We will also explore the ways that the language of film and language in film interact in the creation of meaning. During the presentation we will demonstrate the features of the Library of Foreign Language Film Clips (LFLFC), which is being made available to University of Chicago faculty beginning this spring.


A reception will follow the presentation.


RSVP Required (please contact Michael Berger –


When: Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Time: 12:30PM
Location: Cobb 210

The workshop will be divided into three parts. In the first part, participants will explore the features of the LFLFC, learning how to find, annotate, and order clips for their classes. This will be followed by training on cutting a film into clips and tagging those clips for the vocabulary spoken and for linguistic, cultural, and discourse features found in the clip. Following the training, participants will practice doing the tagging work themselves.


RSVP Required (please contact Michael Berger –


* Mark Kaiser serves as the Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center and Lecturer in Russian at UC Berkeley. He has overseen the development of the BLC’s Library of Foreign Language Film Clips, consisting of 11,300+ clips cut from 320+ foreign language films, each clip tagged for the language spoken in the clip as well as salient culture, speech acts, and linguistic features. Most recently Kaiser served as guest editor of the special issue of L2 Journal devoted to the teaching of language through film.

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