Announcing CSL Room Calendar

We are glad to announce a new room reservation calendar for the CSL, showing the locations and dates of language class lectures, TA/Drill/lector/conversation sessions, film screenings, meetings, and other events. You can access the calendar (view mode only) by visiting:

[once the calendar is open, click on “Go to Today” just below the main Calendar date heading]

Some of the calendar’s useful features are:

* Search (for course, language, room, or teacher)
* Views of room availability by number of people that can be accommodated
* Graphic presentation of room use by language (or other) classes
* Day, week, or month views of room use

Starting at the end of the first week of each quarter, once the CSL has entered all courses and most TA sessions into the calendar you will be able to see what CSL rooms remain available (on specific dates, at specific times). You will then be able to request a specific room for your class or event. The calendar will be updated daily.

To request a room:

* send email request to
* provide your:
-number of students (or attendees)
-the date and time of your event
-the room you have found in the calendar that fits your event
-(if you cannot find an appropriate room, a CSL staff member may be able to find one for you)

The CSL will confirm the reservation with you. If for any reason a requested room cannot be reserved we will let you know. And if possible, we will also inform you of other room options.

[N.B. Rooms 202, 203, and 219 are often used in the evenings by student organizations and other groups, and though they may look open after 6 pm on the calendar they may already have been assigned to someone by the Registrar. Please check with the CSL about the availability of these rooms.]

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