Professional Development Grants for UofC Language Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors

The CSL once again has some funds available to support professional development for faculty or graduate student language instructors who would like to pursue training in language teaching, assessment, and/or technology over the summer. These funds are available from the general CSL budget and especially from the generous support of the Center for International Studies.


At present, we would like to solicit proposals from those of you who would like to take advantage of summer 2008 programs. If you would like to apply, please send a cover letter describing your professional, linguistic, and scholarly interests and how the proposed program fits in with your overall academic plans or career goals to <>. Please provide a description of the program and a proposed budget. Applications should be turned in no later than Tuesday, April 15, 2008. We will try to expedite the review process through the Advisory Council to the CSL and make awards for Summer 2008 by early May.


For those of you looking for sample programs, here are some suggestions:


ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview training (4-day workshops)


CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition)


CLEAR (Center for Language Education and Research)


CALPER (Center for Advanced Language Proficiency and Research)



The South Asia Language Resource Center also has a nice selection of links for programs:


Muhammad Eissa (NELC) also recommends the following:




            Professional Development  NCLRC Presentations and Institutes





For Arabic and some other less commonly taught languages:


Mahmoud Al-Batal and Kristin Brustad:  



Margaret Malone, Ph.D. (Center for Applied Linguistics)

Programs offered throughout the summer funded by STARTALK. 



Please let the CSL know if you have any questions. We hope many of you will have ideas for taking advantage of this opportunity for professional development.

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