Afanti and Richman

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 那个富人不喜欢阿凡提,阿凡提也不喜欢那个富人。 / 那個富人不喜歡阿凡提,阿凡提也不喜歡那個富人。
  • 那个富人认为阿凡提的邻居找不到更好的人来送请柬。 / 那個富人認為阿凡提的鄰居找不到更好的人來送請柬。
  • 因为阿凡提不是好人,所以来给富人送请柬。 / 因為阿凡提不是好人,所以來給富人送請柬。
  • 好人不愿意给富人送请柬。 / 好人不願意給富人送請柬。

Statements in English:

  • The rich man does not like Afanti, and Afanti does not like him, either.
  • The rich man thinks that Afanti’s neighbor could not find anyone better to deliver the invitation.
  • Because Afanti is no good, he has been sent to deliver the invitation to the rich.
  • Good people do not like to deliver invitations to the rich.

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