Afanti and Award

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 阿凡提不在乎找得到找不到驴。 / 阿凡提不在乎找得到找不到驢。
  • 阿凡提很想先找到驴,再把驴送给帮他找到驴的人,让那个人高兴。 / 阿凡提很想先找到驢,再把驢送給幫他找到驢的人,讓那個人高興。
  • 阿凡提有两头驴,丢了一头。 / 阿凡提有兩頭驢,丟了一頭。
  • 阿凡提很在乎能不能把驴找到。只要找到了,他就会高兴。 / 阿凡提很在乎能不能把驢找到。只要找到了,他就會高興。

Statements in English:

  • Afanti does not care whether his donkey can be found or not.
  • Afanti wants to find his donkey first. He’d then like to give it to the person who helped him find the donkey, in order to make him happy.
  • Afanti had two donkeys and lost one.
  • Afanti cares very much whether or not his donkey can be found. He would be very happy if the donkey were found.

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