Moyisha and Tea Guest

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莫伊沙问客人:“你一般往茶里加几勺糖?” “在家加一勺,做客时加两勺。” “亲爱的,那你就当现在是在自己家里吧。”

莫伊沙問客人:“你一般往茶里加幾勺糖?” “在家加一勺,做客時加兩勺。” “親愛的,那你就當現在是在自己家裏吧。””

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 莫伊沙很好客,请客人在他家就像在自己家里一样放松。 / 莫伊沙很好客,請客人在他家就像在自己家裏一樣放鬆。
  • 莫伊沙不愿意让客人喝茶时多放糖。 / 莫伊沙不願意讓客人喝茶時多放糖。
  • 莫伊沙的客人很喜欢来他家做客。 / 莫伊沙的客人很喜歡來他家做客。
  • 莫伊沙的客人像在自己家里一样喝茶。 / 莫伊沙的客人像在自己家裏一樣喝茶。
Statements in English:
  • Moyisha is very hospitable and asks his guest to relax as if at home.
  • Moyisha does not want his guest to put more sugar into tea.
  • Moyisha’s guest very much enjoys being his guest.
  • Moyisha’s guest drinks tea as if he were at home.

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