The Old Jewish Folk

August 19th, 2016 § 0 comments

一个年老的犹太人走到警察跟前,对他说:“刚才我在胡同里被人抢去了金表!” “那您为什么没叫我?” “我怕张开嘴。我还有一口金牙呐!”老犹太人回答道。

一個年老的猶太人走到警察跟前,對他說:“剛才我在胡同裏被人搶去了金表!” “那您為什麼沒叫我?” “我怕張開嘴。我還有一口金牙呐!”老猶太人回答道。”

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 犹太老人的嘴里有金牙,所以张不开。 / 猶太老人的嘴裏有金牙,所以張不開。
  • 犹太老人不愿意让警察帮忙。 / 猶太老人不願意讓警察幫忙。
  • 犹太老人的金表在胡同里被人捡走了。 / 猶太老人的金表在胡同裏被人撿走了。
  • 犹太老人不愿意受更多的损失,所以没有叫警察。 / 猶太老人不願意受更多的損失,所以沒有叫警察。
Statements in English:
  • There are gold teeth in the old Jewish person’s mouth; therefore, it cannot be opened.
  • The old Jew does not want to let the policeman help him.
  • The old Jew’s gold watch has been picked up by someone in an alley.
  • The old Jew did not want to suffer additional losses, so he did not call the police for help.

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