The Jew and the Doctor

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一个犹太老人对医生说:“我的左耳听力不好。”医生检查了一下,说:“我没有办法,这是因为您上了年纪啊。” “这么说,我的左耳比右耳还老吗?”

一個猶太老人對醫生說:“我的左耳聽力不好。”醫生檢查了一下,說:“我沒有辦法,這是因為您上了年紀啊。” “這麼說,我的左耳比右耳還老嗎?””

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 医生不知道犹太老人的左耳为什么聋。 / 醫生不知道猶太老人的左耳為什麼聾。
  • 医生分不清左耳和右耳的年纪。 / 醫生分不清左耳和右耳的年紀。
  • 犹太老人不相信左耳比右耳的年纪大。 / 猶太老人不相信左耳比右耳的年紀大。
  • 犹太老人不愿意承认自己老了。 / 猶太老人不願意承認自己老了。
Statements in English:
  • The doctor does not know why the old Jew is deaf in his left ear.
  • The doctor cannot determine the age of the left and right ear.
  • The old Jew does not believe that his left ear is older than his right ear.
  • The old Jew does not want to admit that he is getting old.

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