Dad and Child

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“我把爸爸丢了!” “那你家住在哪儿?” “莫斯科大街28号。” “既然你知道自己家的地址,难道离开爸爸你就找不到家了吗?” “我倒是能找到,可是爸爸找得到吗?”

“我把爸爸丟了!” “那你家住在哪兒?” “莫斯科大街28號。” “既然你知道自己家的地址,難道離開爸爸你就找不到家了嗎?” “我倒是能找到,可是爸爸找得到嗎?””

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 爸爸丢了孩子,孩子找不到家。
  • 爸爸不认识回家的路。 / 爸爸不認識回家的路。
  • 孩子担心爸爸不知道家在哪里。 / 孩子擔心爸爸不知道家在哪里。
  • 孩子丢了爸爸,没法回家。 / 孩子丟了爸爸,沒法回家。
Statements in English:
  • The dad has lost his child, and the child cannot find his way home.
  • The dad does not know his way home.
  • The child is worried that his dad does not know where home is.
  • The child has lost his dad and cannot return home.

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