Moyisha and Bride

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Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 新娘结婚那天很快乐,所以穿白色的婚纱。 / 新娘結婚那天很快樂,所以穿白色的婚紗。
  • 莫伊沙原来不知道为什么新娘结婚时穿白色的婚纱。 / 莫伊沙原來不知道為什麼新娘結婚時穿白色的婚紗。
  • 莫伊沙知道为什么新郎结婚那天跟新娘穿的衣服颜色不一样。 / 莫伊沙知道為什麼新郎結婚那天跟新娘穿的衣服顏色不一樣。
  • 莫伊沙结婚以后大概很不快乐。 / 莫伊沙結婚以後大概很不快樂。
Statements in English:
  • Because she is very happy on the wedding day, the bride wears a white dress.
  • Moyisha did not know why the bride wore a white dress for her wedding.
  • Moyisha knows why the groom and the bride are in different colors on their wedding day.
  • Moyisha is probably very unhappy after he got married.

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