Moyisha and Marriage

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“莫伊沙,听说你结婚了?” “是啊,我不喜欢吃我们食堂的饭。” “那么现在呢?” “现在我非常喜欢吃啦!”

“莫伊沙,聽說你結婚了?” “是啊,我不喜歡吃我們食堂的飯。” “那麼現在呢?” “現在我非常喜歡吃啦!””

Choose one of the statements, then rollover the choices to see the correct answer.

  • 莫伊沙结婚,是因为嫌食堂的饭不好吃。 / 莫伊沙結婚,是因為嫌食堂的飯不好吃。
  • 莫伊现在沙结了婚,每天能吃上妻子为他做的好吃的饭了。 / 莫伊現在沙結了婚,每天能吃上妻子為他做的好吃的飯了。
  • 莫伊沙觉得自己原来错了,食堂的饭其实是非常好吃的。 / 莫伊沙覺得自己原來錯了,食堂的飯其實是非常好吃的。
  • 莫伊沙结婚以后喜欢吃饭了。 / 莫伊沙結婚以後喜歡吃飯了。
Statements in English:
  • Moyisha got married because he did not like the food in the dining hall.
  • Now that Moyisha is married, everyday he can eat the delicious food his wife cooks for him.
  • Moyisha feels that he was wrong, because the food in the dining hall was actually really good.
  • After he got married, Moyisha began to like eating.

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