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Travel Grant Competition, Center for the Study of Languages, UChicago, Deadline October 29

A message from our friends at the Center for the Study of Languages at the University of Chicago:

Dear CSL Community,

I hope you’re all off to a good start this quarter.

The CSL has funds available to support language faculty professional development, including workshop and conference participation. We will run a competition for small support grants during each quarter this year. If you have a trip for this quarter or early winter, please submit an application to Steven Clancy by October 29, 2010. Applications should consist of a cover letter describing the nature of your travel and how it supports your professional and academic work and a proposed budget for the trip, including how much support you are seeking and whether or not there are other sources of funding to offset your costs. Please also include any relevant links, brochures, or description of the conference or workshop you plan to attend. You may also turn in hard copy applications at the CSL. The grants competition is open to all language instructors, both language faculty and graduate student instructors.

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