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Theater/Performance: 10-year Anniversary of Atrium Theater, March 27 [rus]

которое состоится в 7 часов вечера в

Билеты во всех театральных кассах

Возможны групповые скидки


в программе GALA концерта:

Михаил Антошин (Фортепиано)
Игорь Антипов (Скрипка)
Михаил Клейнерман (Скрипка)
Золотые призеры фестиваля “HERITAGE”
Детский хор “Кампанелла” под руководством Марины Косой
Бард-клуб “Мидвест”
Камерный оркестр “ТУТТИ”
дирижёр Анатолий Лысенко
Балетная сюита “Вечная любовь”
исполняют актриса театра “Атриум” Мишел Колкевич и Солист Московского Музыкального Театра им. К.С.Станиславского и Вл.И. Немировича-Данченко Александр Копчинский
А. Пьяццолла “Либертанго”
Квартет Михаила Сычева
Автор и исполнитель Татьяна Меламед
и “Меламед BAND”
Джаз-Бэнд Ирины Кауфман
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band
Лауреаты международных конкурсов:
Дина Веллер и Александр Скороход
Ола и Евгений Фридман
Танцевальный коллектив “Mazurdance” Художественный руководитель Роман Мазур


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Theater: Cyrano de Bergerac, Sergey Bezrukov and Elizaveta Boyarskaya, April 8 [rus]

Героическая комедия Эдмронда Ростана.

В ролях : Сергей Безруков, Елизавета Боярская и другие (22 артиста)

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Theater: Uncle Vanya, State Academic Theater Mossoveta, May 19 [rus]

Четверг, 19 мая, 2011

Государственный Академический Театр имени Моссовета
Мировая Премьера!

Спектакль Андрея Кончаловского

По пьесе А.П. Чехова Дядя Ваня
сцены из деревенской жизни в 2-х действиях

В ролях: Александр Филиппенко, Александр Домогаров, Павел Деревяненко, Юлия Высоцкая, Наталия Вдовина, Ирина Картышева, Лариса Кузнецова, Александр Бобровский, Ольга Сухарева

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Theater: The Cherry Orchard, Ravens Theater, May 31-July 23

The Cherry Orchard
Ravens Theater
By Anton Chekhov

Directed by Michael Menendian

May 31-July 23, 2011

Previews: May 31 through June 4 at 8:00 p.m.

Opening Night: Sunday, June 5 at 7:00 p.m.

Performances continue through July 23, Thursday-Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm

“It is 1904 and the Ranevsky family’s funds are running low, largely due to the spendthrift ways of the family matriarch. In this sensual and genteel comedy the family faces financial ruin unless strong measures are taken to save the estate. Will they heed the advice of a local merchant or will they be condemned by their own aristocratic manners?”
Tickets $20-$40:

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Theater: “Crime and Punishement” preview and Q&A with the Adaptor Marilyn Campbell, Wenesday February 9, 8pm

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Theater: “Three Jokes by Anton Chekhov” by Arlekin Players, Northbrook Theatre, February 20

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Theater: Being Harold Pinter, Belorus Free Theatre at various theaters of Chicago, January 27 – February 20

adapted and directed by Vladimir Shcherban
produced by Nikolai Khalezin and Natalia Koliada

presented by Goodman Theatre in association with Northwestern University,
League of Chicago Theatres and Chicago Shakespeare Theater

All tickets are $20

January 27–29, 2011

at Goodman Theatre

February 4–6 and 11–13, 2011

at Northwestern University

February 18–20, 2011

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

Performed in Belarusian and Russian with projected English translation.
Audience Notice: This production of includes scenes which contain brief nudity and depictions of violence.

“Truly passionate, truly political theater (that) isn’t just admirable, it has virtues beyond its relevance and bravery.” –The New York Times

“This is world-class theatre, built on the guts of raw experience.”
–Daily Telegraph (UK)

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Theater: “Crime and Punishement” opening at University Theatre, Thursday February 10


From the novel by Fydor Dostoyevsky

Adapted by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus

Directed by Jesse Roth

February 10 – 12, 2011

Thurs – Fri at 8pm, 2pm and 8pm on Saturday

FXK Theater, 5706 S. University, Chicago, 60637


Thursday: Free Preview

Friday-Saturday: $6

This new, award-winning adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s literary masterpiece Crime and Punishment is told by three actors playing Raskolnikov (the murderer), Porfiry Petrovitch (the detective), Sonia (the young prostitute) and many other characters in this famous story. This “conversation on the nature of evil” is set in the mind of the murderer where he relives and explores, through the urging of Porfiry and Sonia, the thoughts, ideas and feelings that drove him to his horrible crime. The play becomes a psychological landscape which creates a thrilling journey into the mind of a killer and his search for redemption. Raskolnikov speaks directly to the audience at times, putting his case to them, so that the audience becomes another character in the telling. This is an intimate psychological and spiritual journey which seeks to unveil hidden dimensions of the human condition.


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A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University Professional Training Program, Deadline January 4

American Repertory Theater / Moscow Art Theater School Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University

A two-year, five-semester professional training program that includes a three-month residency at the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia.

Scott Zigler, Director
Julia Smeliansky, Administrative Director

Financial Aid

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Theater: “Steppe”, Tet-a-tet Theatre, Northbrook, December 11

This is not just a story about different people who found themselves in the harsh reality of the Soviet Army. This is not just another tale about “grandfathers” and “newbies.” This is not just a play about random people. This is a story about ‘us’, and it is familiar to us all. It is an unforgettable war of worlds, a battle between what is right and what is in your best interests. It is winning and being beaten, not out on the battlefield, but inside oneself. It is a story about the fate of several completely different people, who happened to be in the same place at the same time.

Tickets are from $15. You can purchase tickets by calling at 847.644.4262 or here.

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