Advanced Critical Languages Institute for Russian Immersion (ACLI); Astrakhan, Russia; Deadline: March 31

Advanced Critical Languages Institute for Russian Immersion (ACLI)

ACLI will be held in Astrakhan, Russia, June 17-August 3, 2010.

The goal of ACLI is Ultimate Attainment (full fluency in a non-native language) in Russian, a Critical Language.

ACLI is not for the faint of spirit. The program requires students to take the Russian Only Pledge, requiring them to speak only Russian for the duration of the 7-week program. Violators will be dismissed from the program. ACLI is especially appropriate for those who have already studied in Russia on a standard Study Abroad Program and want to be challenged further.

ACLI students have 4-5 hours of classes daily with Russian Pedagogy specialists from Astrakhan State University focusing on conversation, phonetics, advanced grammar, public speaking, writing & stylistics, and working with authentic texts. ACLI also includes lectures on Russian history, politics, culture and economics and viewing and discussion of Russian films.

Students enjoy wonderful Russian-speaking homestays, keep a daily journal in Russian, participate in student activities clubs and visit Volgograd and Elista.

ACLI students receive 6-9 transferable credits from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, for which they pay SUNY (public) tuition. Even together with tuition, ACLI is less expensive than most summer programs in Russia (less than either CIEE or ACTR), primarily because of the significant contribution made by our wonderful partners at Astrakhan State University.  FLAS or other external funding can be used toward the program.

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