Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum (SURF), Student Program Application Deadline May 29

Interested in Russia? Foreign Policy? Business? Want to go to Moscow?

Join The Stanford US Russia Forum!

The Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum (SURF) is a student-run program that connects top-notch American students with their Russian counterparts in an effort to build international dialogue.  Delegates for the program travel to Moscow for a five-day conference in the fall, work on a collaborative research project to produce a policy proposal in the winter, and present their work at a capstone conference at Stanford in the spring. Research this past year ran the gamut from venture capitalism in Russia to cybersecurity to new media uses by government officials and much more.

The program is open to both undergraduates and graduates from any university in the United States and seven partner universities across Russia.  Although background in Russian language or study does strengthen an application, we have no prerequisites for the program and we recruit delegates from all fields of study.

For more info check out or email at

Please follow the link to find the application for this year. Application due date is May 29.