RSO: PASA General Meeting, Harper 151, May 3, 8pm

A message from our friends at PASA.


Today is May 3- Polish Constitution Day!!  We will be meeting today  at 8pm in Harper 151.  Delicious pierogi will be served, and we will be talking about the rest of our events for the quarter – theConstitution Day Parade this Saturday, May 7th, our final meeting May 17th, Kielbasa on the Quad, and elections for next year.
Do zobaczenia jutro!  See you tomorrow!

RSO: PASA Meeting, Harper 141, Tuesday, April 12, 8pm

A message from our friends at PASA:

Witam wszystkich!

We will have our first PASA meeting of the quarter tomorrow at 8pm in Harper 141 (this is a change in location from last quarter). We will be making pisanki (Polish Easter eggs) and enjoying traditional Easter babka.

There will also be information about the CEERES Slavic Cultural Night and elections for the PASA board for next year.

Do zobaczenia!