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Lecture: “Seeing Icons, Seeing our Neighbor,” Jim Forest (President of the Orthodox Christian Peace Fellowship), May 4

Wednesday, May 4th, Jim Forest is giving a talk entitled

Seeing Icons, Seeing our Neighbor

time:      Wed., 7pm
location:  Bond Chapel, UofC campus

(see attached leaflet)

Jim Forest is the President of the Orthodox Christian Peace Fellowship, as well as the author of many books, including the recently published All is Grace: a Biography of Dorothy Day, Praying with Icons, and Living with Wisdom: A Biography of Thomas Merton.  Earlier books include Religion in the New Russia, Pilgrim to the Russian Church, and Making Friends of Enemies.

He is a member of the Russian Orthodox parish of St. Nicholas in Amsterdam.

The talk is sponsored by St. Makarios Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Christian Studies Club.

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