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Workshop: Anthropology of Europe Call for Presenters, University of Chicago

A message from our friends at the Anthropology of Europe Workshop:

Dear friends and colleagues,

Its that time of year when we are soliciting people interested in
presenting at next year’s Anthropology of Europe workshop. At the
moment, we are looking for people who are potentially interested (i.e.,
you are not full committing yourself as of yet) as we put together our
CAS application.  Also, we would love to get feedback on any ideas you
might have for invited speakers from outside the University of Chicago.

If you are available to present and/or have some suggestions about who you
would like to see present, please email Tracey Rosen
( or Eli Thorkelson ( Hope
everyone is having a good spring quarter, and we look forward to hearing
from you soon.

All the best,
Tracey Rosen and Eli Thorkelson

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