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Spring Quarter Course: Advanced Structure of Albanian

Advanced Structure of Albanian

LGLN 29800, LGLN 39800
EEUR / 20902, EEUR 30902

This course covers advance structures of Standard Albanian, provides practice in reading Standard Albanian, and introduces the student to reading Gheg.   

The goal of the course is to teach the advanced linguistic structures of Standard Albanian, to give practice reading Standard Albanian, and to provide an understanding of how to read and translate Gheg.

The course will begin where Albanian Language and Linguistics left off, thus the first few weeks will be review and study of Isa Zymberi’s Colloquial Albanian and Victor Friedman’s Albanian Grammar. This will be followed by instruction with Agim Morina’s Beginning to speak Geg. In addition, students will be required to do weekly assignments based on reading the BBC’s Albanian language webpage (, and read and partially translate/gloss an earlier Gheg article of their choice from the journal Revistë Shkencore e Instituti Pedogogjik Dyveçar të Shkodrës which is available in the Regenstein Library.

The class will meet twice a week during the Spring Quarter.

First Meeting Tuesday March 30, 2010 at noon in Foster Hall Room 408 (Slavic Lounge).

Suggested course meeting times, Tuesday and Thursdays noon-1:30 pm, but depending on your schedule we can arrange a different time.

For more information contact the course instructor, Kelly Lynne Maynard at

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