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Call for Papers: International Seminar “Georgia Republic: Previous Activities, Future Prospects”, Abstract Deadline November 2

The following message comes to CEERES from the Caucasus Studies Institute, University of Tehran:

International Seminar

Georgia Republic: Previous Activities, Future Prospects

5 December 2010, University of Tehran

The Republic of Georgia is an important country located in the southern Caucasus that has received attention internationally due to its large number of human resources, its strategic situation, as a junction point between the Caucasus and Europe, for having a high degree of capacity in goods transition and energy carriers, and for its economic growth in recent years. There are other reasons for Georgia becoming a principal focus in the region. There were military conflicts between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, the crisis in Abkhazia and South Ossetia is ongoing, and also because Georgia wanted to join NATO.

In order to investigate internal and external changes in Georgia, the Caucasia Studies Foundation of Tehran University with collaboration of some other Georgian Research institutes is going to inaugurate an international seminar called “Georgia: Previous Activities, Future Prospects”. This seminar will be held in Tehran University 5 December 2010. The most important subjects of this seminar are as follows:

Seminar Topics:

  • Georgian-Russian Ties; Conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia,
  • Georgian-US Ties; Effects on Caucasia,
  • Georgian-Azerbaijan Ties, Azerbaijani residents in Georgia and Georgian residents in Azerbaijan,
  • Georgian-Armenian Ties, Armenian residents in Georgia,
  • Georgian-Turkey Ties, Economic Relations and Convergence among Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan
  • Georgian-Iranian Ties, Political Interrelations and Economic-Cultural exchanges, Energy and Technical Collaborations,
  • Georgian-Ukrainian Ties, Existing Situation and Future Relations,
  • Georgian-Regional Organizations Ties (Society of Commonwealth Nations, Guam, Black Sea Organization for Economic Cooperation)
  • Georgian-UN Ties; Intercession processes in relation with Russia, Development of Democracy, Free Market,
  • Georgian Status in South Caucasia’s Economy, Culture and Diplomacy,
  • Security, Energy and Investment in Georgia,
  • Georgia and Transportation and Transit Corridors in Caucasia,
  • Internal Changes in Georgia regarding Presidential Election in 2013,
  • Investigating the membership processes of Georgia in NATO,
  • The Role of Islamic Republic of Iran in Solving South Caucasian Crisis.

To participate in this seminar please send an abstract, and a one page СV in Word format to the Seminar Secretariat by November 2, 2010. Acceptance notification will be sent to authors by July 18, and the full paper should be submitted to Seminar Secretariat before August 13, 2010.

Working Languages of the Seminar: Persian, Gerogian, Russian, English

Seminar will be held on  December 5, 2010 at University of Tehran

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 2, 2010

Acceptance Notification: November 11, 2010

Full Paper Submission Deadline: November 21, 2010

Electronic Address:

Secretariat Address:

  • Iran, Tehran, Valiasr St., West Zartosht St., No.56, Caucasus Studies Institute, University of Tehran

Tel: +98218899366-7, Fax: +982188956620 –


  • Caucasus Studies Institute
  • Some of Georgian Institutes
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Call for papers: The Institute of Russia-CIS Studies at Korea University, October 15

The Institute of Russia-CIS Studies at Korea university will hold the HK 2nd international conference with the theme of “Reflections on Institutional Landscapes in East Siberia and the Russian Far East: For Better Risk Management and Sustainable Resources Development.”
The geographic range of research in energy projects will be focused on Irkutsk Oblast,’ Republic of Sakha and Republic of Buryatia, while the institutional dimensions will cover all Russian Federation, taking into consideration international, national, regional and local levels. The main theme is as follows.

– Diagnosis and reflections on institutions in regard to risk management and
sustainable energy development in Irkutsk, Sakha and Buryatia, taking into
consideration the following elements comprehensively at researchers’ disposal
. demography, climate change and environmental pollution, agriculture, etc.
. scientific, technological, societal, political, economic, cultural, ethical,
religious dimensions
. international, national, regional, local levels

The Conference will be held May 28 2011 (Saturday) at Korea University in Seoul, Korea. The Institute will pay all the participants (chairmen, presenters, discussants) an honorarium after the conference. The Institute will help participants to stay at convenient and economic hotels in Seoul by providing hotel information and reserving rooms. Lunch and dinner on the conference day will be served.

Paper Deadlines are as follows.

● Abstract: October 15, 2010
● Acceptance notification: November 15, 2010
● Final paper: April 1, 2011
● Final program will be notified by April 30, 2011.

Submitters should e-mail the Notice of Participation with an abstract of up to 300 words in Microsoft Word format in English by The Notice of Participation and further information are available at our website
With questions, please e-mail

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Call for Papers: International Conference Materiality, Memory and Cultural Heritage, Abstract Deadline December 17

International Conference on
(Please visit

A conference organized by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University and the Department of Anthropology, Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey on May 25-29, 2011.

Keynote Speakers:
Ian Hodder (Stanford University)
Richard Handler (University of Virginia)
Ayfer Bartu Candan (Bogaziçi University)
Charles Stewart (University College London)

We are organizing a conference on the interrelated themes of memory, materiality and cultural heritage that will appeal to scholars from the fields of archaeology, anthropology and history. We invite papers that particularly address the uses and management of ancient sites, monuments and objects at the local and global scales from different social spaces and sectors of societies such as houses, ritual-architectural spaces, netscape, museums, touristic scapes, media industry, ethnoscapes and nation-states. Many different processes play a role in the particular contemporary uses of ancient objects and monuments such as the making of public/official or alternative histories and education, nationalism, cultural preservation efforts, place-making, object and profit oriented capitalist material practices, violence, archaeological practices, and the politics of the production and/or erasure of memory about the past, present and future. Despite the efforts of countries to geographically and culturally ‘preserve’ ancient monuments and objects, there has been a process of deterritorialization in the sense that they constantly move across space and time in the form of actual reproduction in different socio-spatial contexts, web-based information and computer simulation. In these new contexts they are reappropriated and attributed new meanings and senses and/or intentions to evoke the ancient potent meanings, becoming objects of new materialities and also containers and/or producers of new immaterialities. They become part and parcel of new historicities.

In addition to particular case studies we are specifically interested in papers that address theoretical and methodological questions. How can we theorize about contemporary uses of ancient monuments and objects? What is the unit of analysis and how is it methodologically constructed? From an analytical perspective, how can we gauge the historical traffic of these objects across space? What are our analytical boundaries?

The conference organizers plan to publish the conference proceedings.

Papers are expected to contribute to the following thematic areas related to the main topic of contemporary uses of ancient sites, monuments and objects:

– Commodification and Objectification
– Materiality
– Symbolic Meaning
– Collective Memory
– Senses and Memory
– Senses and Home
– Collection and Destruction of Objects
– History Production
– Media
– Religion
– Nationalism
– Neo-colonialism
– Place-making
– Technology
– Cultural Heritage Preservation

Abstract Submission
Abstracts for individual papers and sessions should be submitted by FRIDAY DECEMBER 17th 2010. Abstracts of no more than 350 words in English should be sent via email to the addresses listed below. Please include your name, affiliation, e-mail, telephone number(s), and postal address. The authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified by JANUARY 20th 2011.

Manuscript Submission
Once the abstracts are accepted the full papers must be submitted by May 25th, 2011 in order to be considered for publication in an edited volume.

Further details and updates will be posted on our conference website

Please email presentation abstracts to:

Please email questions/comments to:
Sevil Baltali Tirpan:
Aybil Goker:

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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures to Offer Autumn Courses in Intermediate Bulgarian and Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced BCS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

Students interested in enrolling in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian at either the Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced levels should contact Nada Petković at

To enroll in Intermediate Bulgarian (BULG 20101), consent of the instructor, Petia Alexieva, is required (

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Damir Imanović Lecture on “Sevdah Changes: The Genealogy of a Traditional Bosnian Music Genre” at Loyola University Chicago, September 24

The University of Chicago’s Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies (CEERES), in conjunction with with the Bosnian American Community and Cultural Center and Loyola University, is proud to support the Chicago visit of noted Bosnian musician and ethnomusicologist Damir Imamović.

Wednesday, September 22, 20108:30 PM

Damir Imamović performs Bosnian Sevdah music at the Old Town School of Folk Music
Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall :: 4544 N Lincoln Ave.
Free ticketed event. $5 suggested donation.
BOX OFFICE: 773.728.6000 for reservations

Thursday, September 23, 20106:00 PM to 7:20 PM
Sevdah Music Workshop with Damir Imamović
Old Town School of Folk Music;  4544 N Lincoln Ave
REGISTER NOW | Seats Available: 25 | Price: $20

Friday, September 24, 2010 | 3:30PM
Public lecture: “Sevdah Changes: The Genealogy of a Traditional Bosnian Music Genre”
Loyola University Chicago; Crown Center Auditorium, 1001 W Loyola Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Description: Sevdah music is the most developed branch of traditional music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its history is rich and ambiguous, ranging from solitary saz players’ recordings, today almost forgotten, to popular recordings of big orchestras from the 1950s onward.  Damir Imamovic is one of the most important Sevdah performers of his generation. While researching the roots and modes of interpretation in this music, Damir Imamovic discovers a whole new world of wide-ranging influences and creates an alternative history of the genre. This lecture focuses on the historical transformation of key traits of the Sevdah music, its genealogy and its potential for future development. Imamovic’s presentation will be of note to those interested in music, cultural history, anthropology and ethnology, Balkan and Eastern European studies, Slavic languages and poetry, Turkish classical and folk music, and (former) Yugoslav cultures.

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Clinical Ethnography Graduate Student Workshop Event/Presentation Calendar Now Available

The Autumn quarter Clinical Ethnography workshop schedule has been posted, and may be viewed here. Workshops will be held on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00pm in HD South (5736 S. Woodlawn Ave.), room 301, unless otherwise noted. The first workshop of the year will take place on Tuesday, October 5th (location to be announced), and will be co-sponsored with the Workshop on Medicine, the Body, and Practice.

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Department of Linguistics to Offer Autumn Courses in Elementary and Advanced Georgian

Tamra Wysocki-Niimi will be teaching elementary Georgian this year (listed under Languages in Linguistics). She will use Howard Aronson’s textbook (Georgian: A Reading Grammar) and supplementing with additional text, audio, and video materials that will be provided in class. For the Autumn Quarter, the class is scheduled for MWF 12:30-1:20. Please note that the class time is negotiable. She will also be offering Advanced Georgian. The course time is currently scheduled on MWF from 2:30-3:20, although this may change. If you are interested in Advanced Georgian or would like additional information, please send an email to

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Presidential Management Fellowship Discussions with Graduate Student Affairs, September 28 and 30

The following announcement comes to CEERES from our friends at UChicago’s Graduate Student Affairs:

For students who may be interested in the Presidential Management Fellowships (, a great professional program for students interested in government positions after graduation, there will be two workshops for students to learn more about the application process. Applications are due internally by mid-October. Please let interested students know they are welcome at either session:

Presidential Management Fellowships Discussions
Tuesday, September 28
4:30 p.m., Ida Noyes Hall 3
rd Floor Theater (1212 E 59th Street)


Thursday, September 30
8 – 9 a.m., Harris School Room 140C

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Boren Fellowships and Scholarships Discussions with Graduate Student Affairs, September 30

The following message comes to CEERES from our friends at UChicago Graduate Student Affairs:

On Thursday, September 30, a Program Officer for the Institute for International Education will lead a discussion of the National Security Education Program’s David Boren Fellowships (for graduate students) & Scholarships (for college students), as well as the Language Flagship Fellowships. Application deadlines are in January or February, depending on the program, so there’s plenty of time for students to put together an application at this point. Graduate Student Affairs is happy to schedule one-on-one advising appointments with interested students who may not be able to attend the workshop, or who have more specific questions about their proposed projects. These are wonderful opportunities for “gap-year” funding for college and Masters students, but can also be used to support dissertation or pre-dissertation fieldwork/research abroad for doctoral students. It’s open to a wide range of programs of study (including STEM fields), and recent winners at UChicago have come from CIR, SSA, among other programs. More information is available in a PDF the agency has prepared:

Boren Fellowships & Scholarships Discussions
Thursday, September 30
12 – 1 p.m., Reynolds Club South Lounge
(5706 S University Ave, 2
nd floor)

Contact: Meghan Hammond (

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Dissertation Defense of Junghee Min in Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, October 1

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