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Anthropology of Europe Graduate Student Workshop Calendar

The Anthropology of Europe Workshop is very pleased to present its 2010 Fall Schedule:

Thursday, October 7th, Kristy Ironside
Dept. of History, University of Chicago
“The Curious Lottery: Soviet Lottery Bonds and Socialist Construction, 1922-1941″

Thursday, October 21st, Elayne Oliphant
Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago
“Visions of Heritage: Catholicism and the Racialization of Religious Difference in Republican Paris”

Thursday, November 4th, Larisa Jasarevic
International Studies Program, University of Chicago
Paper Title TBA

Thursday, Novemeber 11th, Lynn Tesser
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, International University of Sarajevo
“The Impact of Europe’s Pivotal ‘Peace Projects’ in Central Europe and the Balkans”


Unless otherwise specified, the AEW will meet during Fall term in Haskell Hall 101 from 4:45 to 6pm.

For copies of workshop papers (sent by e-mail), or for assistance with attending the AEW, please contact co-coordinators
Natalja Czarnecki (
or Shirley Yeung (

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46th Chicago International Film Festival

Check out various films at the 46th Chicago International Film Festival (October 7 – 20)

All films are being screened at AMC River East 21 (322 E Illinois St).

For more information, go to the festival’s website:

(Information taken from Chicago Film Festival website):

CEERES region is very well represented. Here are most of the films that we were able to identify:

All That I Love (Poland, Jacek Borcuch); Oct 14, 3:30pm; Oct 16, 1:50pm; Oct 18, 4pm

Birthday (Poland, Jenifer Malmqvist); Oct 13, 7:45pm; Oct 15, 4:10pm

Building Manager (Greece, Periklis Hoursoglou); Oct 12, 2pm; Oct 18,6:15pm; Oct 19, 5:30pm

Days of Desire (Hungary, József Pacskovszky); Oct 14, 8:45pm; Oct 16, 4pm; Oct 19, 3:45pm

Devil’s Town (Serbia, Valdimir Paskaljevic); Oct 14, 2pm; Oct 18, 9pm; Oct 19, 6:20pm

Erratum (Polan, Marek Lechki); Oct 14, 8:30pm; Oct 15, 6:05pm; Oct 17, 12pm

How I Ended the Summer (Russia, Aleksei Popogrebsky); Oct 10, 5:40pm; Oct 12, 3:30pm; Oct 17, 12:30pm

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (Sweden, Florin Serban); Oct 8, 4:15pm; Oct 9, 1:30pm; Oct 10, 12:30pm

Last Report on Anna (Hungary, Márta Mészáros); Oct 13, 6:15pm; Oct 14, 5:45pm; Oct 17, 12:15pm

Lisanka (Russia, Daniel Díaz Torres); Oct 15, 3:15pm; Oct 18, 5:40pm; Oct 19, 8:30pm

Little Rose (Poland, Jan Kidawa-Blonski); Oct 14, 6pm; Oct 15, 9:20pm; Oct 18, 3pm

Love Life of a Gentle Coward (Croatia, Pavo Marinkovic); Oct 11, 8:30pm; Oct 12, 7:15pm; Oct 14, 4pm

Love Translated (Ukraine, Julia Ivanova); Oct 9, 8pm; Oct 11, 3:30pm

Mamas & Papas (Czech Republic, Alice Nellis); Oct 11, 8:20pm; Oct 12, 5pm; Oct 15, 2pm

Missing Man (Russia, Anna Fenchenko); Oct 12, 3:45pm; Oct 16, 5:15pm; Oct 17, 9:15pm

Mrdrchain (Czech Republic, Ondrej Svadlena); Oct 16, 11pm; Oct 17, 10:30pm

Sasha (Germany, Dennis Todorovic); Oct 9, 7:45pm; Oct 10, 1:45pm

Seed (Czech Republic/UK/USA, Ben Richardson/Daniel Bird); Oct 18, 8pm; Oct 19, 1:45pm

Tony & Janina’s American Wedding (Poland/USA, Ruth Leitman); Oct 10, 7:15pm; Oct 17, 2:15pm

Tuesday, After Christman (Romania, Radu Muntean); Oct 8, 7:15pm; Oct 9, 3:45pm; Oct 12, 4pm

White as Snow (Turkey, Kar Beyaz); Oct 16, 6:30pm; Oct 17, 2:10pm; Oct 19, 2pm

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Theater In Chicago

Check out these great plays happening in Chicago this 2010-2011 Season:

Laika Dog In Space

5153 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago

East meets Midwest when the NY Neos bring their 2009 Ontological Incubator hit to the Chicago stage. Part science lesson, part Russian folklore and part introspective interpretation, Laika Dog In Space uses original music, dance and puppetry to help tell the story of Laika, the first mammal in space, and to discuss the impact of her life. Arrive early to take advantage of a living installation takes the audience through various stations where they listen, confess, create and experiment. And of course, the step back in time to the mid-80’s Soviet space program wouldn’t be complete without a helping of borscht!

Previews: Feb 3 – Feb 4, 2011

Feb 5, 2011 – Mar 12, 2011

The Master and Margarita

Strawdog Theatre
3829 N. Broadway Chicago

“The Master and Margarita,” is a phantasmagorical ride through Stalinist Russia. The Master, a playwright trying desperately to get his script about Jesus and Pontius Pilate produced, fights with Theatre Critics and Cultural Commissars at every turn. He is driven to the edge of a despair so deep that not even his lover Margarita can reach him. Into the middle of this bleak picture steps the shabby aristocrat Professor Woland, a specialist in black magic and his unwholesome entourage (including a talking cat). The entourage has to come to set Moscow on its ear with magic, violence and a party of the damned that no bureaucrat could ever hope to censor.

Previews: Feb 24 – Feb 25, 2011

Feb 27, 2011 – Apr 4, 2011

The Seagull

Goodman Theatre
170 N. Dearborn Street Chicago

Goodman Artistic Director Robert Falls directs an intimate new production of Chekhov’s masterwork The Seagull, whose unforgettable characters reveal the passion and pathos of everyday life. When famed actress Irina visits her family with her young lover Trigorin in tow, they become ensnared in a tragicomic tangle of romance, intrigue and unrequited love. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience this 19th century masterpiece, interpreted by one of America’s outstanding directors—in the Owen Theatre.

Previews: Oct 16 – Oct 24, 2010

Regular Run: Oct 25 – Nov 14, 2010

Three Sisters

Piven Theatre
927 Noyes Street Evanston

The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov depicts an entire village of unlucky lovers struggling with the bittersweet distance between reality and dreams. This classic tale is given another look in a new version adapted by Sarah Ruhl, one of America’s most acclaimed young playwrights, and author of In the Next Room (or the vibrator play),

Previews: Oct 16 – Oct 17, 2010

Regular Run: Oct 18 – Nov 21, 2010

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2011 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium: Gender in the 21st Century Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Application Deadline December 10

2011 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium:


Application Deadline: December 10, 2010

IREX, in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars’ Kennan Institute (WWC), is pleased to announce its 2011 Regional Policy Symposium, “Gender in the 21st Century Eastern Europe and Eurasia.”

The research symposium, supported by the United States Department of State (Title VIII Program), will bring American junior and senior scholars and members of the policy community together to examine and discuss gender and women’s issues in Eastern Europe and Eurasia from multi-disciplinary perspectives. Topics may include: education, migration, trafficking, women in politics, domestic violence, and economic opportunities, among others.

Junior scholars will be chosen based on a national competition to present their current research on the topic of the Symposium. Grants will be awarded to approximately ten junior scholars.

The Symposium is scheduled to take place April 5-8, 2011 in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and will involve two full days of reviews of current research projects, roundtable discussions, and the development of policy recommendations.

Technical Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be US citizens
  • Applicants must either be currently enrolled in an MA, MS, MBA, JD, or PhD program or have held a graduate degree for 10 years or less.  Applicants who hold an academic post must be pre-tenure.

Grant Provisions:

  • Round-trip airfare (provided by IREX through its travel office) and/or surface transportation from anywhere in the United States to the symposium site.
  • Meals and accommodations for the duration of the symposium.

To receive more information on the 2011 Regional Policy Symposium, please send e-mail inquiries to

Application materials are available on the IREX website at:

Symposium Program Evaluation Survey:

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Family Fun Weekend at Concordia Language Villages, October 21-24

Immerse yourself in Russian language with your whole family at the Family Fun Weekend in Marine on St. Croix, Minn.
For more information, visit CLV’s website, or register right away here.

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Call for Papers: The Dialectics of Orientalism in Early Modern Europe, 1492-1700, UIUC, Abstract Deadline November 15

The Dialectics of Orientalism in Early Modern Europe, 1492-1700
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, October 7-8, 2011

In early modern Europe, discourses on and images of the Orient and Islam are inextricably tied to the rise of national consciousness and the formation of a European identity as several Western states were striving for imperial supremacy. The goal of this international and interdisciplinary conference is to explore the dialectical function of early modern Orientalism for the creation of different notions of a collective self: national, European, and/or imperial.

We invite proposals for contributions that analyze the multiple uses of an imaginary Islam and Orient and compare at least two national orientalist discourses and/or the intersection of nation-building and the invention of Europeanness catalyzed through these discourses. Beyond being simplifications, what role do stereotypes play in the complex and often contradictory rhetorical dynamics that served to articulate, implement and promote both internal policies and supranational endeavors of imperial supremacy? To whom are these stereotypical representations addressed and through what media? In what instances does the creation of a fictive homogeneous nation lead to the conceptual “islamization” of minority groups? Is there a competition among European nation-states for the hegemony in the representation of the Oriental, and in which ways does it feed into a transnational rivalry for imperial power? What does the comparison of different national accounts of Orientalism reveal about the supposed homogeneity of the stereotypical Muslim?

Proposals for presentations of 20-25 min that address any of these or related questions will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary organizing committee. The conference language is English.

Please send a 250-500 word abstract by November 15 to, along with information about your professional affiliation and a brief cv or a reference to your personal website.

For more information, visit
or contact the organizers:

Marcus Keller (Department of French):
Javier Irigoyen-García (Department of Spanish, Italian and

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Chagall’s American Windows Exhibit at the Art Institute, Opens November 1

Information taken directly from the Art Institute Website:

Opening November 1, 2010
Gallery 144
Member Previews: October 29, 10:30–8:00, and October 30 and 31, 10:30–5:00

Overview: This fall, after a five-year absence, the Art Institute welcomes the much-anticipated return of one of the most beloved treasures in our vast collection, Marc Chagall’s America Windows. First debuting at the Art Institute in 1977 and made forever famous less than ten years later by an appearance in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the “Chagall Windows,” as they are more popularly known, hold a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans. Following an intensive period of conservation treatment and archival research, the windows return as the stunning centerpiece of a new presentation at the east end of the museum’s Arthur Rubloff building.

America Windows
Marc Chagall. America Windows, 1977. A gift of Marc Chagall, City of Chicago, and the Auxiliary Board, commemorating the American bicentennial in memory of Mayor Richard J.Daley. © 2010 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris.

While members and visitors have loved America Windows for years, many may not realize how deeply their history is interwoven with the history of Chicago and its rich tradition of public art. The story begins in the early 1970s, when Chagall came to the city for work related to his mosaic installed outside Chase Tower, The Four Seasons. In response to the city’s enthusiasm for his work
and the Art Institute’s great support, the artist offered to create a set of stained-glass windows for the museum. Over the course of three years, plans were clarified, and in the end, Chagall determined that the windows would commemorate America’s bicentennial. The resulting six-panel work celebrates the country as a place of cultural and religious freedom, detailing the arts of music,
painting, literature, theater, and dance. Because of his admiration for Chicago and its strong commitment to public art during the 1960s and 1970s, Chagall chose to dedicate the work to Mayor Richard J. Daley, a great supporter of public art projects. The windows were presented with much fanfare at a formal unveiling, hosted by the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute, on May 15, 1977.

In their new home, the vibrant colors of the windows will once again glow due not only to their recent conservation but to a new and insightful context of other modern artworks in the museum’s collection related to this moment of the city’s engagement with public sculpture. Join us this fall to welcome Chagall’s masterpiece back to the galleries, the city, and its faithful fans.

Sponsor: The reinstallation of Marc Chagall’s America Windows is generously sponsored by a grant from the Walter E. Heller Foundation in memory of Alyce DeCosta.

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“Problems and Experiences in Developing and Preserving Russian Culture and Language in American: Charter Schools with Russian Language Track” Conference, October 22-24.

American Association for Russian Language Culture and Education is organizing this conference in NYC. The conference will be conducted in Russian. Follow the links to download the application form and conference program.

Applications to the conference should be sent to

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Call for Papers: Forum Ukraine, Submission Deadline, October 15

Forum Ukraine is calling for papers that explore Ukrainian Economics History, Culture, Arts, Business, Religion, Sports, Government, and Politics in Ukraine and around the world issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Those who are interested in presenting papers should provide an abstract. The abstract text should contain 10 000-15 000 characters and the title maximum 160 characters. Authors are responsible for spelling and grammar. To be acceptable, proposals must be completed with writer’s profile: name, title/profession, affiliation/company, department, street/box address, city, postal code, country, email, telephone and submitted through email to:

More information here.

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Call for Papers: The Middle East History and Theory Workshop at UChicago

A message from Middle East History and Theory Workshop:

The Middle East History and Theory (MEHAT) Workshop is calling for papers for its 2010-2011 calendar year.  We have an almost-full schedule for the fall, but there is still space open for students to present in the winter and spring quarters.  Submissions from graduate students with dissertation chapters or proposals are especially encouraged.

The MEHAT workshop serves as a multidisciplinary platform where students in the humanities and social sciences can discuss a wide array of academic questions related to the history, culture, societies and politics of the Middle East.

As an area studies workshop, we accept papers dealing with this broad range of subjects throughout the geography of the Middle East and its borderlands, including South and Central Asia, the Mediterranean, and Africa, and over a time span extending from the advent of Islam to the present.  Participants come from a wide range of fields including history, art history, literature and film, translation studies, ethnomusicology, law, anthropology, political science, sociology, and religious studies.  By tying into these various fields, we hope to increase our interdisciplinary fluency and and bridge the existing gap between factual and theoretical approaches to studies of the Middle East.

Presentations usually include dissertation chapters or proposals, works in progress, and discussions of research conducted abroad.  The participant will usually take 30-40 minutes to introduce his or her work, allowing another 45 minutes for comments from the moderator and general discussion.  Papers are pre-circulated a week prior to the workshop on the MEHAT listhost, to encourage attendance and informed academic discussion.
The workshop will typically convene every other Thursday at 12:00 in 218 Pick Hall, 5828 S. University.  We also have an alternative time on Friday at 4:00 reserved, so we can hopefully accommodate your schedule.

If you would like to apply, please let us know roughly what month you would like to be scheduled for and we will find a time for you.  If you’re worried that your paper is not quite “good enough,” remember that the workshop is not a lecture series, nor is it a conference.  It is okay to submit work that is still rough around the edges—that’s the whole point of having a workshop, so don’t be shy!

Those who would like to present, or have further inquiries, should contact

We look forward to hearing from you!

–the MEHAT coordinators

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