Bruno Schulz: An Unfinished Modernist Project

Bruno Schulz: An Unfinished Modernist Project
POLI 38600/28600, JWSC 26360
Autumn Quarter 2012-2013

Time: Monday, 1:30PM-4:20PM
Room: Pick Hall 002
Instructor: Bożena Shallcross
Office hours: Tuesday, 1:00-4:00PM and by appointment
Office: Foster Hall 508
Telephone: 773.702.7734
E-mail address:

The course examines the fictional, non-fictional and visual oeuvre of the brilliant Polish-Jewish modernist Bruno Schulz who perished in the Holocaust. During the course, we will focus on the several threads of his peculiar blending of experimental and modernist tendencies with the Jewish tradition; his conceptualization and use of the fragment; textual transformations of Bergsonian temporality as fused with messianism and his formulation of the moment as both auratic and poetic; the concept of the book, as well as the articulation of childhood. We will seek critical insight into his artistic predilection for peripheral places and conspiratorial perspectives, heresies, masochism, the aesthetic of trash, in sum, those components of his represented world, which made him an illusive modernist like no other in his time. The course will be supplemented by an analytical glimpse at the construal of Schulz’s legend in contemporary American fiction (Cynthia Ozick, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Nicole Krauss). All readings are in English.

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