Autumn Polish Courses

Elementary Polish / First Year Polish (POLI 101, 102, 103)
In Elementary Polish the stress is on learning the language through constant use. During the Fall quarter students acquire basics of grammar and vocabulary. During the Winter and Spring quarters, students continue to study grammar and spend more and more time on reading and discussing various texts on modern life in Poland. The goal of the entire year long sequence is to get the students to the point where they are ready to start reading short works of Polish literature and to work with fairly advanced conversation material by the beginning of the second-year course.

Intermediate Polish / Second Year Polish (POLI 201, 202, 203)
The primary goal of second year Polish is to expand the student’s speaking, reading and writing skills by building on grammar and vocabulary learned during the first year of study. As a complement to the linguistic side of the course, the student will gain a greater familiarity with Polish history and culture through varied means including readings of literary works, articles from contemporary Polish newspapers and movies.

Advanced Polish / Third Year Polish (POLI 301, 302, 303)
The goal of this course is to help students widen their knowledge about contemporary Polish literature, film and politics while expanding their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The students read Polish literary and historical texts from the 20th and 21st centuries, watch films, read and discuss the news. Topics of stylistics and grammar are covered as well in the course as well.

Polish Through Literary Readings – Fourth/Fifth Year Polish (POLI 401-406)
An advanced language course emphasizing spoken and written Polish. Readings include 20th and 21st century prose and poetry, as well as nonfiction. Intensive grammar review and vocabulary building. For students who have taken POLI 301-302-303 and for native or heritage speakers who want to read Polish literature in the original. Readings and discussions in Polish.

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