Autumn Quarter Armenian Courses

Elementary Armenian

Hripsime Haroutunian will be teaching Elementary Armenian at the University of Chicago for graduate students and undergraduates once again this year. The classes are tentaively scheduled TUTH 9:00-10:20 and a lab/practice session.

The course utilizes advanced computer technology enabling the students to master a core vocabulary, the unique alphabet and basic grammatical structures in a fun setting, to achieve a reasonable level of proficiency in Armenian. A language competency exam is offered at the end of spring quarter for those taking this course as college language requirement. A considerable amount of historical-political and social-cultural issues about Armenia and Armenians are built into the course for students who have intention to conduct research in Armenian Studies or related fields or to pursue work in Armenia.

Classical Armenian

This quarter Dr. Haroutunian will be also offering INTRODUCTION TO CLASSICAL ARMENIAN (ARME 10501) TTH 12:00-1:20 for those who are interested. The course focuses on the basic grammatical structure and vocabulary of the Classical Armenian language, Grabar (one of the oldest Indo-European languages). It enables students to achieve basic reading skills in the Classical Armenian language. Reading assignments include a selection of original Armenian literature, mostly works by 5th c. historians, as well as passages from the Bible, while a considerable amount of historical and cultural issues about Armenia are discussed and illustrated through the text interpretations. Recommended for students with interests in Armenian Studies, Classics, Divinity, Indo-European or General Linguistics.

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