Autumn Georgian Courses

Elementary Georgian
This is a three-quarter course that covers basic Modern Georgian grammar and includes writing, reading, listening, and speaking activities. We’ll be referring to Howard Aronson’s textbook (Georgian: A Reading Grammar) and supplementing with additional authentic texts, audio, and video materials that will be provided in class. The University of Chicago is the only university in the U.S. to regularly offer Georgian! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to study a unique and fascinating language!

Intermediate Georgian
This three-quarter course builds speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills based on the knowledge developed during Elementary Georgian. In addition, more complicated grammatical notions are discussed and practiced through a variety of activities and exercises that integrate multimedia materials with traditional translation work.

Advanced Georgian
This three-quarter course emphasizes advanced language skills and vocabulary building through independent reading and writing projects as well as class exercises involving media such as newspaper and magazine articles, video clips, radio programs, movies, and additional authentic recordings and online materials.

Introduction to Georgian History and Culture
This one-quarter course will provide students with a rare opportunity to learn more about the history of the Republic of Georgia and its culture through a selection of literature and poetry (in translation), films, lectures, and class discussions and activities. We will survey Georgian history from its prehistory through its Golden Age in the 12th century up to the present day. Discussions of culture will include music, art (including metalwork and cloisonné), traditional dance, religious and pagan practices, and Georgia’s wine and toasting culture. Throughout the course we will consider issues of Georgian identity and nationhood, especially in relation to
influences from surrounding regions.

Please contact course instructor Tami Wysocki-Niimi with any questions you may have.

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