Autumn Course: Human Rights in Russia and Eurasia

Human Rights in Russia and Eurasia
Instructor: Andrew Janco, Lecturer, Human Rights Program
HMRT 26500/36500 (= HIST 29312/39313, SLAV 26500/36500)
Monday – Wednesday: 3:00 – 4:20 pm

This course focuses on the political economy of human rights in Russia and Eurasia. We will study how international norms have been “imported” by post-Soviet states. How have regional politics and cultures shaped how rights norms are understood and how they are protected in practice? Why do many post-Soviet countries fail to protect the rights of their citizens? Using knowledge of the history, political culture and social practices of the region, we will work to identify those rights issues with the most potential for positive change and those more likely to remain enduring problems.

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