Summer 2012 Intensive Advanced Turkish

(TURK 30101-30102-30103/NELG 30101-30102-30103) will once again beoffered during Summer Session 2012 at the University of Chicago.

Intensive Third Year Turkish is designed for the intermediate to advanced student with
two or more years of study in Modern Turkish, and also serves as an introduction to
Turkish Literature. The course is open to Students who have already taken Second
or Third Year Turkish. This class sequence aims to develop advanced proficiency in
Turkish, focusing on the four skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Short stories, novel excerpts, newspaper and academic articles, and poetry are read in the
original. A series of audio-visual modules using the Deep Approach methodology are
also featured. A short primer in comparative Turkic is included for the benefit of students
who wish to explore other Turkic languages.

Writing assignments on variety of topics enhance students’ abilities to gain proficiency
and to experience different stylistic written forms of Turkish. Class presentations
emphasize the formal style of spoken Turkish, while free conversations provide
experience with informal spoken Turkish. Reading assignments on a variety of topics
from different periods familiarize students with changes in the Turkish language,
including 20th century Ottoman examples in the Latin script. Listening skills are
reinforced by regular lectures in Turkish on different aspects of Turkish culture, literature
and politics, and by viewing Turkish films.

The sequence is designed to accommodate students with Title VI Fellowships, as well as
those who want to achieve a better proficiency in Turkish for academic or non-academic
reasons. FLAS Fellows must register for all three courses (TURK 30101-30102-30103).
To accommodate students who have already taken a different Third Year Level sequence
at the University of Chicago or elsewhere, this summer intensive class is also cross-listed
as NELG 30101-30102-30103.

For more information on the course format and contents, please email the instructor at


The dates for the TURKISH 30101-30102-30103 Course are June 18th-July 27th 2012,
divided into three sessions of two weeks each. There are a total of 120 contact hours over
the six week class period.

Visiting students (at any level) who wish to register should follow the instructions at:

The deadline for registration and housing applications is May 15th 2012. However,
visiting students are encouraged to contact the instructor as soon as possible to declare
their intent to participate. Visiting students are also encouraged to check enrollment
figures on the University of Chicago Time Schedules before finalizing their housing and
travel arrangements.

For more detailed information regarding how to register, tuition, housing etc., please
contact the Graham School Summer Session Office at:

University of Chicago
Summer Session Office
1427 E. 60th Street

Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: 773.702.6033



University of Chicago Graduate students need to obtain permission from their Divisional
Dean of Students prior to registering.

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