“Music Art” MAVerick Ensemble

“Music Art” Maverick Ensemble, Sunday, April 29, 7:00pm

Where: Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
2320 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago

Featured Composers: Cage, Crumb, Feldman, Higdon, Tower, Wolff
Performers: James Baur, Jen Brown, Andrea R. DiOrio, Jen Leckie, Garrett Matlock, Rich Moore, Mark Sudeith

This concert will feature some of the best of MAVerick’s faves, including Crumb’s Vox Balaenae, Cage’s 59 1/2 Seconds for a String Player, and Tower’s Petroushkates. Along with Cage’s string piece, we will perform two pieces by Cage’s colleagues: Morton Feldman and Christian Wolff. While the three of them come from radically different perspectives, their aesthetics are quite unified. Come hear some of the best performances of the New York School of Composers in town!

Jennifer Higdon ~ Rapid.Fire
Joan Tower ~ Petroushkates
John Cage ~ 59 ½ Seconds for a String Player
Morton Feldman ~ Three Clarinets, Cello, and Piano
Christian Wolff ~ Pairs
William Jason Raynovich ~ ‘price for solo guitar
George Crumb ~ Vox Balaenae

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