Course on 19th Century Russian Cultural Production

19th Century Russian Cultural Production

Spring Quarter
meeting time will be Thursday, 10:30 – 1:20

We are all quite aware that culture does not only happen when Tolstoy picks up a pen or Tchaikovsky sits down at a piano. Yet still, we often know a great deal more about these moments than we do about the everyday cultural context that informs them, including fundamental changes in the way people create and experience art and culture more generally.

This course attempts to view culture not by its canonical works, genres, styles, and artists, but rather by its “economy,” or modes and sites of production and consumption. More specifically, we will ask the following questions: How does Russian culture function as a system in the 19th century, and what economic, technological, social and aesthetic values affect its operation? What are the means of production of culture? How are cultural economies shaped, and how are values assigned to cultural products?

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