Russian/English-Speaking Search Specialist Needed

Search Specialist

Job overview
BayRu, LLC is looking for hands-on Search Specialist who will work closely with the management team in the marketing department and be accountable for strategy development and day-to-day execution of all pay per click (“PPC”) and organic search engine optimization (“SEO”) initiatives. The qualified candidate must be passionate for numbers/mathematics and detail oriented. This is a key role, managing a $100k + budget in the company and will report directly to the chief marketing officer. The candidate should also be results driven, ambitious, organized, articulate and a self-starter. The Search Specialist will be responsible for researching, developing, and implementing PPC campaigns across a variety of channels and continually optimizing campaigns for ideal performance. The Search Specialist will be involved in all paid and organic search engine marketing.
● Self-motivated, detail-oriented and strong analytical/problem solving skills.
● Proficiency in Excel including Pivot Tables and data analysis
● Strong data analysis, data profiling skills
● Ability to translate data-driven insights & results into business
● Comfortable working with team members at all levels.
● Self-starter approach to work, with an eagerness to consistently meet and exceed objectives and take on more responsibility
● Proficient at managing projects and able to multi-task, organize, prioritize and structure workload
● Good writing and verbal communication skills in English and Russian
● BS in Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics or related
● Minimum SAT: 1500


● Experience working with various A/B testing software, web analytics packages (Google Analytics/Omniture) and other online tools
● Hands-on experience with SQL
● PPC ad copywriting experience
● Fluent in Russian
Role Responsibilities:
● Day-to-day management and expansion of PPC campaigns in Google AdWords and a similar Russian PPC tool, Yandex Direct, to meet defined goals and strategic objectives.
● Optimization of site navigation, internal linking structure, URL structure, dynamic page templates, code, etc.
● Provide forecasts for cost, traffic and ROI for search marketing channels
● Conduct extensive keyword research, analyze & test keyword performance, build key lists, analyze search volume and make recommendations
● Analyze and report on key metrics for PPC and SEO campaigns in Google and Yandex
● Build, analyze and test PPC and SEO campaigns and strategies including landing page and ad testing
● Work with head of analytics to develop data, reports and actionable recommendations for periodic customer cohort analyses
● Help CMO manage outside vendors (PPC, SEO)
● Landing page testing, split testing, tweaking and optimization to deliver best possible click through and conversion rates.
● Work effectively with a broad spectrum of both internal team members and external vendors/clients.
● Experience working in a fast paced and small business entrepreneurial environment

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