Socioling Course by Visiting Professor, Unn Røyneland of the University of Oslo

Registration is still open for a course being taught by visiting Prof in the Linguistics Department, Unn Røyneland of the University of Oslo. Interested UChicago students can refer to the syllabus below for course details:

Seminar in Sociolinguistics

Topic: Dialect Levelling, Koineization, and the Emergence of Multiethnic Speech Styles in Present Day Europe

57202. In this course we examine some of the results of dialect and language contact in present day Europe. We will look at the most recent developments of the dialect-standard relation, as well its historical background. We will also study the emergence of koines and new multiethnolectal speech styles among urban adolescents across Europe. Royneland, Winter.

Reading list

Dialect levelling, new dialect formation – dialects and standards in Europe

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Multiethnic Speech Styles and Stylization

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