Duke in Turkey, Summer 2012

DUKE IN TURKEY (Istanbul, Summer, July 2-Aug. 10)
Located in Istanbul at the beautiful campus of Boğaziçi University, overlooking the Bosphorus, this six-week, two-course summer Duke in Turkey program introduces students to the cultural, historical and religious issues emerging at the intersection of Europe and the Middle East, with particular attention to the unique position of Turkey within the global context. The program is co-directed by Profs. Erdağ Göknar and Banu Gökariksel who teach the following courses, respectively: Between Europe and Asia: The Geopolitics of Istanbul from Occupation to Globalization and Gender, Politics, and Space in the Middle East. The program offers excursions to regional and national places of interest, as well as many cultural activities in and around Istanbul. Accommodations are provided in Bogazici’s newest residence hall, the Superdorm. Follow this link for the online application: http://studyabroad.duke.edu/home/Programs/Summer/Duke_in_Turkey/Application_Process

Summer 2012 APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 1

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