Fifteenth Annual Midwest Medieval Slavic Workshop

The Fifteenth Annual Midwest Medieval Slavic Workshop will be held at the University of Chicago on Friday, April 20, 2012.

The workshop keeps in touch with the original idea of the Workshop, which is to discuss WORK IN PROGRESS and to provide a venue for papers on Slavic/Orthodox culture (in broad sense) before 1700; subjects of later periods will be considered if they have a strong earlier component in them.

The Workshop’s format stays the same (every participant will have 30 minutes of which 15-20 minutes are for presentation and the rest for discussion). Those of you who chose to distribute outlines or drafts of the talk are welcome to do so after your participation in the workshop is confirmed and the program distributed. This is not required, although it was done in the past and the feedback was very positive.

Please let Valentina Pichugin know relatively soon if you are interested in
giving a paper or just attending as stimulating discussants
and knowledgeable listeners.


Valentina Pichugin

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