Arts of Non-Sovereignty Discussion Series

The Worlding, Writing Project is organizing a series of discussions entitled The Arts of Non-Sovereignty. Underwriting this project is the sense that being non-sovereign–being out of control–is a profoundly personal and social condition of ordinariness. In three related events over the course of the year we address non-sovereignty from a range of perspectives, using different critical approaches and concepts. The first event addresses non-sovereignty from within the intimate and institutional relations that family life coordinates. The second focuses on the experience of out-of-controledness and is organized around the concepts of risk and chance. The third examines the experience of non-sovereignty, not as disorder but as a felt excess of order.

Losing it: Families, Chaos and the Arts of Attention
November 4-5, 2011
Hailing from anthropology, literature, and media studies, the participating artists/writers in this two-day event are radically experimental in the ways they account for the circulation of control and affective disruption within families. The case is: ill or disabled parents, and the ripple effects of the chaotic present that illness induces–both on the memory of being intimately reliable in the family and on speculative capacity. Illness here is a case of immediate/structural crisis. It is as though the event of the loved ones out of control forces new genres into being.

Part One of this event (Nov 4, 10:00-6:30 p.m. | in the Franke Institute for the Humanities) is a conference involving talks/performances by Lauren Berlant (Chicago), Carl Bogner (Wisconsin), Jennifer Montgomery (Independent Filmmaker), Susan Lepselter (Indiana), Susan Schultz (Hawaii), and Kathleen Stewart (UT Austin).

Part Two of this event (Nov 5, 9:00-11:30 a.m. | in Wilder House) November, is a writing workshop led by Kathleen Stewart that will focus on experimental critical attention. **Please note the change of venue to Wilder House**

Rolling the Dice: The Art of Chance
February 2-3, 2012

Rolling the Dice continues our discussion of being out of control. Also conceived as an experimental event, it approaches the experience of out-of-controledness via the concepts of randomization and chance in both their positive and negative valences (positive, as in something to embrace, negative, as in the absence of any other decent approach). Artists/writers in this workshop will include Debora Battaglia (Mount Holyoke), Yvette Christiansë (Barnard), and Renata Salecl (a Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst). This event will be curated by Bernard Harcourt (Chicago) and Susan Lepselter (Indiana).

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