Socalled presented by KFAR Jewish Arts Center

Socalled & Vertikal
8pm Monday, Oct. 10
Martyrs (21+),
3855 N. Lincoln Ave,
Chicago, IL

From the KFAR newsletter:

Armed with his Akai MPC, heritage and love for genre-bending music, Socalled, aka Josh Dolgin, is a Yiddish rapping, accordion wielding hip-hop maestro. Heralded by Klezmer and hip hop musicians alike, he builds Jewish music from the bottom-up. His albums Hiphopkhasene (Piranha), Socalled Seder (2005, JDUB), Ghettoblaster (2007, JDUB ) and now Sleepover (2011, Dare to Care) are an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary influences.

“Hip hop is all about representing who you are, your crew. I’m this little white Jewish dude living in the country. It doesn’t make sense for me to rap about guns, cars, and hos. I’m not going to rap about hos. What should I make music about? I should try to represent who I am. When I began digging for samples, I found these old Jewish records, and they were a clue about this funky, old tradition that had been forgotten. Yiddish theater, Cantorial music…all kinds of weird sounds…and the records had the most amazing breaks! And I realized that I could make my hip hop – my music from them.” -SoCalled

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