Film-Train Shorts by Aleksandr Medvedkin and Chris Marker at the UChicago Film Studies Center

Film-Train Shorts
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 – 7:00pm
Part of the Film Series “Vision and Communism: The Films of Aleksandr Medvedkin and Chris Marker”
Film Studies Center
5811 South Ellis Ave.
Cobb Hall 306
Chicago, IL 60637

Introduction by archivist Rimma Moiseeva, The Russian State Archive for Cinema and Photographic Documentation (Krasnogorsk, Russia), and scholar Nikolai Izvolov.

In 1967 Chris Marker happened upon Aleksandr Medvedkin’s 1935 film satire Happiness and discovered for the world a lost giant of the Soviet cinema. Further research into Medvedkin’s work led Marker to the “film-train” that Medvedkin had conducted for a time in 1933-1934, in the heady days of the rapid industrialization and collectivization. The thoughtful, inventive and humorous political films of Medvedkin and his comrades not only proved consonant to Marker’s own practice as a film-essayist, but also provided a powerful impulse for Marker’s efforts to encourage insurgent filmmaking at the grass-roots level. Featuring several films that have rarely, if ever, been shown in the United States, this screening series explores a friendship between filmmakers, exemplifying the powerful yet tenuous intimacy that becomes possible when technological media are adopted for the international struggle for social justice.

In part I of the series, Medvedkin’s earliest surviving short film Mind Your Health and a selection of short documentaries from the “film-train” will be presented, followed by one of Chris Marker’s films documenting the turmoil of 1968-1969.

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