Student Workers Needed for UChicago Humanities Day

The Humanities Division will hire about 30 students to help with activities surrounding Humanities Day on Saturday, October 22nd, and to help with post-event work beyond the 22nd. Since Humanities Day starts in the early morning and continues through to late afternoon, some students may work the full day and others only part of the day, and some will be required to arrive around 6:30am. Also, all workers will be required to attend a training session which will be held about one week prior to the event; two training sessions will be scheduled in order to accommodate everyone’s availability.

Students will perform one or more of the following: Set up a/v equipment, greet the public, work at the registration table, develop signage and post, reimburse expenses, etc. Those who have participated in past Humanities Days, who have experience with processing payments, with setting up a/v equipment, who are personable and responsible, and/or are work/study eligible are preferred.

If you’re interested, please supply a short statement of interest and a brief summary of experience via email to

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