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Digital Marketing/Copywriting Specialist Position

BayRu LLC, an ecommerce concern with offices in Moscow and Chicago,  currently has an opening for a Marketing/Copywriting Position.

Job Description

Each part time Digital Marketing and Copywriting specialist will report to BayRu’s founder/CMO. You will perform a wide variety of tasks to increase BayRu’s site traffic and customer conversion rate. Primarily, your job will be to deliver creative Russian content for the promotion of our online stores and You will interact with various digital marketing specialties including: email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, site usability, affiliate marketing, etc.

For for more information about the position as well as contact details download the following pdf:

Digital Marketing and Copywriting Specialist 7-7-11

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Conference on Russia’s 1612: History and Memory

Date: April 20th, 2012
Place: Leuven, Belgium
Call for Papers

The year 2012 coincides with the 400th anniversary of the expel of the Polish tsar Wladyslaw from Moscow and the end of the Times of the Troubles, the Romanov dynasty being established the subsequent year. In the last decades, 1612 has reappeared on the scene of collective memory. In 2005 Putin introduced a new national holiday on 4 November to commemorate the Russian unity and the end of foreign intervention in Russia.In 2007 the historical film “1612”, directed by Vladimir Khotinko and produced by Nikita Mikhalkov, was released. The movie triggered a great deal of reactions -not only in Russia,but also in Ukraine and Poland. This conference aims at inquiring into the events and the memory of 1612. We welcome papers discussing both the impact and the consequences of the end of the Times of Troubles, as well as shedding a light on its memorization in different eras and countries. We are especially looking forward to receiving contributions dealing with the commemoration of 1
612 in Tsarist Russia (e.g. the Minin & Pozharsky statue around 1812 and the celebration of 300 years of Romanov rule in 1913), in the Soviet Union, in the post 1991 independent countries involved, in Sweden, Poland, etc. Commemoration includes popular culture, literature, painting, movies, etc. The conference is due to take place in Leuven (Belgium) on April 20th, 2012 and is organized by the Centre for Russian Studies, Slavic Studies and Modern History Departments at the K.U.Leuven. People interested in contributing to the conference are invited to submit a proposal of ca. 500 words to Dr. Pieter Boulogne ( by October 15, 2011. We seriously consider the publication of the proceedings. Further questions can be addressed to Pieter Boulogne | Centre for Russian Studies, Faculty of Arts, K.U.Leuven | Blijde-Inkomststraat 13, 3000 Leuven, Belgium | | tel. +3216325497 | .

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Screening of Was Tun, Wenn’s Brennt

From DANK Haus German American Cultural Center:

Was tun, wenn’s brennt? (What To Do In Case of Fire?) tells the humorous and touching story of six former creative anarchists who lived as house squatters in Berlin during its heyday in the ’80s when Berlin was still an island in the middle of the former eastern Germany. At the end of the ’80s they all went their separate ways until the year 2000, with Berlin as Germany’s new capital, when an event happens that forces the group to reunite and come to grips with the reason they separated 12 years ago.
In German with English subtitles. Free admission.

Friday, July 22 at 7:30pm
DANK Haus German American Cultural Center
4740 N. Western Ave

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Children in Exile Film Screening

children in exileFrom the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture:

Children in Exile (2007), which made its local debut at the Chicago International Documentary Film Festival in 2008, tells the story of civilian deportations to the Siberian Gulag through the testimony of the survivors, including Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, Poland’s last communist leader.

The film’s writer and director, Chris Swider, a graduate of and instructor in the film department at Chicago’s Columbia College, was himself a child of a deportee. Swider will be on hand to lead a discussion after the screening.
Film screening and discussion in English.



Friday, July 15
Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
6500 S. Pulaski Rd

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American Councils Country Director, Baku, Azerbaijan

Country Director, Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan


The Country Director is responsible for maintaining American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS organizational relations, administration of existing programs, and development of new programs in Azerbaijan. The position oversees all internal operations in the Baku office, and provides oversight of student, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and teacher and professional development exchange programs. Primary responsibilities include: recruitment and testing of potential program participants; orientation and coordination of logistics for participants; oversight of administrative and finance functions; supervision and delivery of alumni programming; and liaison with government officials. The position involves rigorous seasonal travel within Azerbaijan. The Country Director reports to the Managing Director for Field Operations and Programs and works with Washington and field-based program managers.


Oversight and Leadership:
• Provides overall supervision of American Councils programs in Azerbaijan by communicating with Baku-based staff members and any sub-recipients concerning performance as well as on academic, operational, and other policy matters as affected by the region’s political, economic and cultural conditions; makes recommendations on general program implementation matters and on the influence of local conditions on administration of programs in Azerbaijan;
• Represents American Councils and programs in individual consultations, public appearances, program orientations for American inbound and Azerbaijani outbound groups, and in meetings with potential and existing partners;
• Maintains American Councils organizational relations in Azerbaijan with relevant US government offices and institutions (the US embassy/ consulate, PAS, USAID, and other US government agencies); with the Azerbaijan government and private institutions (government ministries, agencies and offices; national corporations; American Councils’ institutional partners); with the in-country offices of American organizations and foundations; and with the media;
• Participates actively in designing and developing new programs, seeking new funding sources, and contributing to proposals.

Administration and Finance:
• Manages all general office administrative matters such as negotiating contracts; interacting with landlords, maintaining proper work environment, etc.;
• Provides DC office with finance reports monthly, and budgets every six months; monitors all outgoing and incoming funds;
• Hires for approved positions, prepares contracts and maintains files for host-country national staff, trains and oversees staff, conducts performance reviews, monitors proper submission of timesheets.

Program Administration:
• Oversees and assists in organizing, implementing and reporting on activities, including recruitment and alumni activities delivered by host country offices;
• Monitors all recruitment activities to assure timely and proper conduct of competitions;
• Conducts recruitment, including advertising, lectures, interviews with finalist candidates, testing, correspondence, and meetings with parents, applicants and finalists, and those not selected;
• Oversees tracking of all applicant and participant files;
• Coordinates alumni activity planning and delivery of appropriate activities for alumni of all programs, oversees alumni assistants and alumni fellows, coordinates updates to alumni information, submits regular reports on alumni activity;
• Meets with ministry and US government officials regularly to provide appropriate information and overview of the competition process and alumni activities; keeps them informed of changes regarding the competition;
• Coordinates and supervises all logistics for events: meeting flights, transporting to hotels, organizing support staff, registering participants, providing support to dignitaries and guests.


• Program administration experience;
• Experience in budget management;
• Supervisory experience; experience supervising host-country national staff preferred;
• Fluent in regional languages and/ or Russian;
• Experience traveling extensively under difficult conditions;
• Overseas work/living experience, preferably in Azerbaijan; demonstrated interest in Azerbaijan and the region;
• Cross-cultural skills;
• Strong written and oral communication skills;
• Bachelor’s degree (graduate degree preferred) — related to region in: economics, international education or development, history, or related area.

Click Here to visit American Councils’ employment website.

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Megitza Quartet at the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival

On July 9th and 1oth the Old Town School of Folk Music will be putting on the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival in Welles Park. Music and Dancing will last from noon until 9:30 on both days. On Sunday, July 10th, at 1:20 the Eastern European folk quartet, Megitza will be playing on the main stage.

From the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival—
“Local Eastern European folk and gypsy act The Megitza Quartet’s debut album, ‘Boleritza’ was one of the most impressive instrumental compilations to come out of Chicago. The secret weapon is Malgorzata Babiarz’s sensual voice that sounds as authentic as the Polish Highlander tradition of the village from which she originally hails. Acoustic guitar prodigy Andreas Kapsalis adds elements of flamenco, while violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos and Marke Lichota’s accordion evoke the pathos of klezmer. Wrapped around this highly sophisticated blend of genres is a devotion to passionate rhythm and heart-rendering vocals, even if you can’t understand them. One part mournful, the other joyous, yet infectious all around, this is the kind of music people can’t help but get up to dance to. Seeing them live is reminiscent of a gypsy performance – chaotic, soulful, and stirring.”

For more information on the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival click here.

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Polka Lessons at the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival

On July 9th and 1oth the Old Town School of Folk Music will be putting on the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival in Welles Park. Music and Dancing will last from noon until 9:30 on both days. For those interested in East European folk dancing styles, members of the Polish folk dance ensemble Wesoly Lud will be offering a Polka lesson from 6:35-7:00 on Sunday, July 10th in the dance tent. The Lesson will be followed by a performance by the Versatones, a local polka band. Lessons in many other styles of folk dance from around the world will be offered throughout the day.

For more information about the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival click here.

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Spots of Light: To be a Woman in the Holocaust Showing at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

Spots of Light: To be a Woman in the Holocaust, an exhibit produced by the Museums Division at Yad Vashem, will be traveling to the Illinois Holocaust Museum June 24th-September 6.

From the Illinois Holocaust Museum—Spots of Light

“Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust is the first international exhibition to focus exclusively on women and their experiences in the Holocaust. Through these women’s initiative, creativity and courage, the exhibit demonstrates that human beings are strong enough, even in the most difficult of circumstances, to maintain those values which are the foundation of humanity: motherhood, friendship, faith and love.

In this large-scale video-art installation, images move and change before the visitor’s eyes, giving historical materials a new and contemporary feel and perspective. Interwoven with these text and photographs that continuously fade in and out are segments of interviews with 10 women Holocaust survivors.”



For more information on this exhibit visit the Yad Vashem online exhibit . For more on the Illinois Holocaust Museum click here.

The museum is located at 9603 Woods Drive, Skokie, IL.

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Jerzy Skolimowski Films Playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center


From the Gene Siskel Film Center—


Jerzy Skolimowski:

Desire and Displacement

“From July 3 through 29, the Gene Siskel Film Center in cooperation with the Polish Cultural Institute, presents Jerzy Skolimowski: Desire and Displacement, a selection of six films representing the Polish productions of director/screenwriter Skolimowski’s multinational career.

The series ranges from his best-known film as screenwriter, Roman Polanski’s KNIFE IN THE WATER (1962), and as his earliest directorial efforts, including IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE (1965), WALKOVER (1965), BARRIER (1966), to the previously censored HANDS UP! (1967/1981). FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA (2008) represents the director’s return to filmmaking after a seventeen-year hiatus. Born in 1938 in Lódz, Poland, Jerzy Skolimowski’s early life was marked by the brutality of war (among other things, his father, a member of the Resistance, was executed by the Nazis). His wide-ranging interests encompassed filmmaking, acting, poetry, painting, and jazz, and he came of age artistically in the postwar era that also produced director Roman Polanski and jazz composer Krzysztof Komeda, and was dominated by the work of Poland’s premier postwar filmmaker Andrzej Wajda. Identified with the Polish New Wave of the 1960s, his visually inventive early work demonstrated a broad satirical streak and a tendency to the surreal, even as it epitomized the drifting lassitude of a generation facing an uncertain future.

In a loose trilogy consisting of IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE, WALKOVER, and HANDS UP!, Skolimowski cast himself as the anti-hero, the footloose, disaffected Andrzej Leszczyc, whose character–made up of equal parts alienation, longing, and sullen rebellion–was recognized as iconic among Poland’s youth. HANDS UP! brought the director censorship problems, and the film was suppressed until he reworked it with new footage and under changed circumstances in the 1980s.

Skolimowski subsequently opted for artistic freedom outside of Poland, establishing a career as a kind of filmmaking vagabond, producing highly acclaimed work that would include DEEP END, MOONLIGHTING, THE SHOUT, and KING, QUEEN, KNAVE in a variety of European co-production combinations. He abandoned filmmaking altogether in the 1990s, to concentrate on painting and other visual arts endeavors. Skolimowski returned to filmmaking with FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA, which opened the Directors Fortnight section of the Cannes International Film Festival in 2008. On that triumphant occasion, he announced, ‘To those who like me–I’m back. And to those who don’t like me–I’m back.'”

Dates and showtimes are as follows:

1965, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, 70 min.
With Jerzy Skolimowski, Aleksandra Zawieruszanka

Mon, Jul 4th at 3:15pm

1962, Roman Polanski, Poland, 94 min.
With Leon Niemczyk, Jolanta Umecka

Mon, Jul 4th at 4:45pm
Wed, Jul 6th at 8:45pm

1985, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, 76 min.
With Jerzy Skolimowski, Joanna Szczerbic

Fri, Jul 8th at 6:15pm

1965, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, 73 min.
With Jerzy Skolimowski, Elzbieta Czyzewska

Fri, Jul 15th at 6:15pm

1966, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, 77 min.
With Jan Nowicki, Joanna Szczerbic

Fri, Jul 22nd at 6:15pm

2008, Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland/France, 87 min.
With Artur Steranko, Kinga Preis

Fri, Jul 29th at 6:00pm

For Descriptions of individual movies and information on getting tickets visit

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Viaduct Theatre Hosts the Off-Chekhov Festival

July 7th – July 24th, 2011
The Viaduct Theatre viaduct_theater_the_neapolitans.jpg
The Neapolitans present: THE OFF – CHEKHOV FESTIVAL
Run Time: 2 hours
The Off-Chekhov Festival is the result of a contest for short plays based on Chekhov plays, stories or characters.  The four plays are The Teacher, based on the short story ‘The Teacher of Literature’ by Olivia Arieti (Italy); The Bully, an adaptation of The Bear, by Michael Hardstock (New York); What You Wanted based on ‘The Peasant Wives’ by Cory Tamler (Germany); and Wolf and Burns,  based on Chekhov’s short story ‘The Bet’ by Ryder Thornton (Philadelphia).
The Teacher is directed by Cody Estle; The Bully is directed by Jeff Ginsberg; What You Wanted is directed by Brea Hayes and Wolf and Burns is directed by Susan Padveen.
The Neapolitans’ most recent productions were Iphigeneolgy, (Lenz Gallery, August 2010) and Effie, (EP Theatre, May 2010) both devised pieces retelling the Greek story of Iphigenia at Aulis.


Previewing: July 7th & 8th
Opening: July 9th
Running: July 10th – 24th
All evening performances (Thurs – Sat) at 7 pm, Sunday matinee at 2pm
Tickets: $20, $10 for senior citizens, and students.


Viaduct Theatre
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago Illinois 60618
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