Film: Nomad (2006, Kazakhstan), Central Asian Studies Society, Stuart 105, April 20, 4pm

Nomad, The Warrior
A historical epic from Kazakhstan
Starring Kuno Becker, Jason Scott Lee, Ayanat Ksenbai
Written by Rustam Ibragimbekov
Executive Producer: Miloš Forman
Directed by Ivan Passer, Sergei Bodrov & Talgat Temenov
1 hour 52 minutes

Set in 18th-century northern Central Asia, a vast region of majestic beauty corresponding to today’s Republic of Kazakhstan, this historical epic tells the story of the boyhood, youth, and coming of age of a man destined to become Abylai Khan, who united the Kazakh clans against the onslaught of formidable, seemingly overwhelming Jungar invaders, and of his wise Sufi teacher. A visually spellbinding, spectacular epic of war, romance, undying friendship and loyalty with a cast of thousands (and no CGI!).
“…fierce battles, a gorgeous landscape and heartfelt performances.”
The New York Daily News

Week 4, Wednesday, April 20, 4:00

Stuart Hall, Room 105
Anyone needing assistance with accommodation, please e-mail Bill Walsh at



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