STARTALK Russian Teacher Program: Second Language and Immersion Methodologies, Concordia Language Villages

Concordia Language Villages is pleased to announce that we have received a generous grant from STARTALK to offer a 4-credit graduate course in Second Language and Immersion Methodologies at the Russian Language Village.

Second Language and Immersion Methodologies for  STARTALK RUSSIAN TEACHERS Grades K- 16

Dates:  June 23 – July 9, 2011
Location:  Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, Minnesota

Application:  Attached

Description:  The Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and principles of second language and immersion pedagogy serve as the framework for this four-credit graduate level course.  A residential program designed for K-16 teachers of Russian, the participants will enhance their understanding of best practices in teaching Russian through participation in language learning groups and activities at Lesnoe Ozero, the Russian Language Village of Concordia Language Villages.  Active participation in the Russian Language Village program will be accompanied by class discussions about the methods observed and current research onsecond language acquisition.  Observation, participation in, and analysis of a variety of methodologies in action at Lesnoe Ozero will help participants define their personal instructional philosophy.  The use of music to teach Russian will be highlighted in the program with discussions facilitated by guest presenter, Dr. Laurie Iudin-Nelson.   Because of the building configuration of the Russian Language Village, participants will be able to live on-site for this experience, participating in the daily schedule as observers and co-leaders of activities as appropriate.  They will also have their own classes to discuss professional readings, share observations, and prepare materials for use at Russian Language Village and in their classrooms.  The program director is Lara Ravitch, Dean of the Russian Language Village.  She will also serve as an instructor, specializing in content-based instruction.  Dr. Laurie Iudin-Nelson, Director of Russian Studies and Head of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, will be a guest presenter.  Donna Clementi, Director of Education and Research at Concordia Language Villages, will be the lead instructor.  Four graduate credits will be awarded for successful completion of the course.

Program costs:
$1680  Tuition for the four-credit graduate course ($420/graduate credit)
$640    Housing and all meals at the Russian Language Village

Full scholarships in the amount of $2310 are available to participants through the STARTALK program.  In addition, each participant will receive up to $300 to defray the costs of travel to Bemidji, Minnesota.

STARTALK scholarships are available to applicants who are selected to participate in the program.  Selection is based on response to the question about motivation for applying to the STARTALK program, and current/future teaching situation.

Please contact Donna Clementi if you have any questions.

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