Course: Russian Experimental Poetry. Daria Khitrova, Spring Quarter

28903/38903. Russian Experimental Poetry. D. Khitrova. Spring 2011.

The ground this course intends to cover stretches across the long story of Russian poetry from its past to its Futurism, and is designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. It focuses on the poetic experiment, yes this does not imply that we will be looking necessarily at enigmatic and difficult poetry and texts. In a sense, every poem is an experiment, a unique balancing act between sounds and meaning, the line and the sentence, between the verbal, the graphic and the musical. Some of them become too classical with time to preserve their sense of novelty and freshness. We will read various poems from different ages to restore their initial experimental stance. We will not only read poems, we will also listen to them as one does to the music and look at them as one does at visual objects.  We will use Russian for our readings and discussions in order to get a better sense both of poetry and of the language it was written in.

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