Call for MA Research Participation: “Identity construction within Polish- American student community in Chicago”

See a message bellow from one of our MA students:

Hi all,

I’m doing my MA in the Social Sciences at UChicago. For my MA project, I want to conduct a study that will look at identity construction within Polish-American student community in Chicago. A special focus will be put on the role of language in this process. I’m looking for people who define themselves as Polish-Americans and will be willing to participate both in individual and group interview (which can be both in Polish and English).

If you’re willing to participate in my study, please contact me by email or phone at 773-732-4619. Since I want to conduct one group interview with all participants, I’ve created a doodle document to find a time slot that suits everyone (it’s for the next 3 weeks). The group interview will last
approximately one hour.

In case you want to learn more about the project, I have attached the Informed_Consent_Form, which describes in detail what I will be asking about and what your rights are.
Kinga Kozminska

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