Film: “36 Immortals,” Armenian Circle, March 1

Armenian Circle will feature

“36 Immortals”

A short documentary on the History of the Armenian alphabet by Hrachya Vardanyan (in English and Armenian)

All are welcome. We will also have some refreshments!


Dr. Hripsime Haroutunian
Lecturer in Armenian Studies
Dept of Near Eastern Lang. & Civilizations
University of Chicago

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  1. 36 Immortals says:

    Voxjuyn Dr. Hripsime Haroutunian,
    Indz hamar mets anaknkal er dzer cucadrume.
    Gaxapare amen kerp im koxmic vorpes filmi hexinak voxjunvum e, ev es hpart em vor angam chicagoi hamalsaranum kan im filmov hetakrkrvoxner.
    Amen depkum, amen aydpisi cucadrum pahanjum e hexinakayin iravunkneri hamadzayncutyun. Ays depkum hamadzaynutyune karox er linel web kayki mijocov. Kartsum em hexinakin texyak pahele poxadarc harganki nshan e. Shnorhakalutyun.

    Patmuyan 36 Pahapanner

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