Film: The Mysteries of the Organism, Dusan Makavejev, 1971, Doc Films, February 14

Monday, February 14, 2011 7:00 pm

Ida Noyes Hall, Max Palevsky Cinema
1212 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL

Dusan Makavejev, 1971 • “Cancer and fascism are closely related. Fascism is the frenzy of sexual cripples,” a narrator intones over kaleidoscopic images of an outdoor couple making love in WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM. So goes a frenzied investigation of sex, medical science and fascism. Makavejev makes films of a genre hard to describe or imagine without direct experience: deeply pleasurable collaged critiques of political systems. Banned in the former Yugoslavia immediately upon release, WR is deliriously overflowing with information about the life and career of Wilhelm Reich, unsimulated sex, advertising jingles, and Balkan melodrama. 35mm
Introduced by Josephine Ferorelli

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