ZLUKACAMP: barcamp-conference

ZLUKACAMP: become a change you want to be in Ukraine

ZlUKACAMP is a barcamp-conference, where Ukrainian students in the USA and Ukrainian Diaspora will unite efforts to search the ways for Ukraine to overcome the economic and political crisis. Conference will be held in the format of a barcamp, where every participant can become a speaker.


January 22, 2011 from 10 am till 5 pm


Ukrainian-American Federal Credit Union Selfreliance, 2332 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622

Languages of the ZLUKACAMP:
Ukrainian and English (without translation)

You have something to say?

Become a speaker at Zlukacamp if you have answers on the following questions:

  • how American academic experience can be used to support Ukraine?
  • how Ukrainian students in USA can be united?
  • how Diaspora managed  to preserve Ukrainian culture and develop Ukrainian community in the USA?
  • what are the projects and initiatives in Diaspora to which Ukrainian students could join?
  • how Ukrainian students in USA and Diaspora could act together?
  • what is the future of Ukrainian elite and Ukrainian education?

Please, register as a speaker till 17th January 2011 here!

To whom the conference might be interesting?

  • for those who would like to act right here and right now
  • for those who find an American experience to be the powerful resource for building changes in Ukraine
  • for those who is studying or have ever studied in the USA and finds the value of education not in knowledge, but in action


  • Because every year hundreds of Ukrainian students are coming to study at the USA, get here valuable education, develop amazing ideas and projects, but act alone
  • Because the powerful Ukrainian Diaspora exists in the USA, but only a few people know about its projects and initiatives
  • Because uniting efforts of Ukrainian students in USA and Ukrainian Diaspora we can learn from each other and together in a synergy create changes in Ukraine.


Speeches and speakers already registered at ZLUKACAMP:

1. Myron Kuropas, Ph.D. from the University of Chicago:

  • How diaspora managed to preserve the Ukrainian heritage in a society that called itself a “melting pot.”
  • Successful diaspora projects in the present.

Dr. Myron Kuropas  has worked as a middle school principal in Chicago and DeKalb, taught at Northern Illinois University and the National University of Ostroh Academy, authored five books on the Ukrainian immigration in the United States,  worked as a special assistant to President Gerald R. Ford in the White House and a legislative assistant to Senator Bob Dole in the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C.. Dr. Kuropas was also national vice-president of the Ukrainian National Association (UNA), the oldest mutual benefit society in the U.S. and he currently writes a monthly column for the Ukrainian Weekly, a UNA publication, and Noviy Shliakh a Ukrainian newspaper in Canada.

2. Anna Afanasieva, LL.M student at the University of Chicago

  • Delivering US legal services experience in Ukraine: perspectives and adjustment to realities

Golden medal at school-gymnasium No. 31 (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine) 2004. Institute of International Relations Kyiv National Shevchenko University (Kyiv, Ukraine) Scholarship covering full tuition and living expenses for LL.M, 2008-2010. LLB cum laude 2008 and LLM cum laude 2010 at Institute of International Relations Kyiv National Shevchenko University (Kyiv, Ukraine). USAID Parliamentary Internship diploma to the Deputy Chief  of the Department of Ukrainian Parliament (Kyiv, Ukraine), 2008. Kyrylo-Mephodiy Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine) representative, 2009. British Council Ukraine, Living Together Society (the UK, Kosovo, Poland, Ukraine) scholarship, travel grant, best project grant. March 2009. “Lomonosov”  XV International Scientific Conference(Moscow, Russia) Award, April 2008. Victor Pinchuk Foundation World Wide Studies(Kyiv, Ukraine) Grantee for pursuing LL.M at the University of Chicago Law School, 2010. Alpbach Summer School for European Integration (Alpbach, Austria) Grantee for participation, 2010. American Institute for Political and Economic Studies (Prague, the Czech Republic) Scholarship for participation in the summer school of AIPES, Institute of American Studies, February 2010. University of Chicago Law School scholarship (Chicago, USA) covering major part of the tuition fee at the LL.M program, 2010-2011.


Lawyer and civic activist.

3. Marina Zaloznaya, PH.D. Candidate in Sociology at Northwestern University

  • Social Scientific Research on Ukraine: Why we should get involved

Brief summary: Ukrainians – particularly those who live in the US and Western Europe – need to take part in the production of social scientific knowledge about Ukraine. Increased representation of ‘local’ prospective in the research on social issues afflicting Ukraine will improve the accuracy of its findings and the efficacy of social policy, developed on its basis. Marina will use the example of her research on corruption in Ukrainian universities to illustrate her points.

Marina Zaloznaya is the  alumna of the USA/USA program– http://www.ukrainianscholarships.org/. Marina is now pursuing a PH.D. degree in Sociology at Northwestern University. Her dissertation research, funded by the National Science Foundation, is a comparative study of corruption in Ukrainian and Belarusian higher education

Program is designed by the participants of the barcamp-conference and will be finally formed before January 20th, 2011

Exactly you can define the program by proposing your speech/presentation in registration for the ZLUKACAMP.

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