CfP: Vestnik, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies

Vestnik: The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies

**Call for Papers**

Vestnik, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, has returned to the academic world! Vestnik, the world’s first online journal focused on showcasing student research on Eurasia, was on hiatus for more than two years. However, its editorial staff has again assembled to continue this fascinating and much-needed work. Having recently finished and published our Winter, 2010 edition, we now welcome and invite papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates for another! Research on any subject is accepted – politics, literature, art, history, linguistics, etc.

If your students have written solid research in the last year, encourage them to send it to!

Deadline for submissions for the next issue: December 15, 2010

**$200 Jury Award**

Papers submitted for this edition of Vestnik will be eligible for a $200 Jury Award. After publication, the editorial board will select the best (most interesting, original, and well-written piece) submission. The recipient will be sent an official letter of congratulations along with a $200 check. This process will take into account as well how receptive the author was to improving the paper before publication under the guidance of our editorial board. This award has been established for this issue of Vestnik to mark its return to encouraging original research among students.

**Requirements and other Information**

Submitted papers should include, at the top of the first page, the applicant’s name, major, class standing, and a brief description of his/her future plans. Submissions should not be more than 25 pages, should be in double-spaced, 12-point TNR type with one-inch margins, and in MS Word or a capital program. Since we are dealing with diverse subjects, we will accept MLA, ALA and Chicago formats. Submissions should be accompanied with a statement from the author saying where he/she is currently enrolled as a student (or was at the time the paper was written), class (freshman, sophomore, graduate student, etc.; if applicable), their future plans (educational and professional), and the author’s agreement to Vestnik’s policies and procedures. Vestnik’s editor in chief welcomes questions by email at

You can find past issues of Vestnik, as well as more information about the
publication, at

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