Art: Svitlana & Vasyl Yarych, Ukrainian Intitute of Modern Art

Svitlana & Vasyl Yarych
Nov. 5 2010 – Jan. 31 2011

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art presents the works of Ukrainian husband and wife artists in the upcoming exhibition ‘Vasyl and Svetlana Yarech’.  Both Vasyl and Svetlana are independently-active artists in their hometown of L’viv, Ukraine, and UIMA is pleased to provide its Chicago audience with the opportunity for a glimpse into the contemporary art scene of one of Ukraine’s most artistically-progressive city centers.

The couple’s separate works are drastically different, however both artists’ works gain an unexpected harmony and balance when side by side.  Svetlana’s watercolors are planes of bold color, spontaneously mapped out into a network of furtive imagery and thoughtfully-detailed line work.  Her experience with textile and fashion design becomes apparent in the tactile, vaguely patterned quality of her work.  Yarech’s sculptures, in contrast, are careful and deliberate.  He remains true to the formalist figure (in the vein of Alexander Archipenko), but with a greater sense of narrative and personification.  He is a very skilled in the full range of materials he employs-bronze, wood, stone- achieving a graceful, complex form in every finished piece.

Svetlana Yarech (b. 1960 in Kremenets, Ukraine) currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Lviv Academy of Arts’ Department of Clothing Design, and exhibits her work throughout Ukraine.  Vasyl Yarech (b. 1951 in the Ivano-Frankivsk region) is a graduate of the Lviv Academy of Arts, and has since completed a number of public sculptures and monuments throughout France and Ukraine, and continues to exhibit his work internationally.

The exhibition runs through January 31, 2011.

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