Arts|Science Graduate Collaboration Grants, Arts|Science Initiative at UChicago

Information from the Arts|Science Initiative website:

Call for Proposals

2010–2011 Academic Year

The Arts|Science Initiative, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories, is launching a pilot program of Arts|Science Graduate Collaboration Grants to encourage independent cross-disciplinary research between students in the arts and the sciences. Graduate students from areas such as art history, music, cinema and media studies, theater and performance, creative writing, or visual arts are encouraged to pair up with graduate students from astronomy and astrophysics, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, geophysical sciences, math, physics, or statistics areas for joint creative projects. Each group may consists of two or more graduate students, with at least one in the arts and one from the sciences, who work together over the course of two quarters to investigate a subject from the perspectives offered by their disciplines. Projects will be conducted between January–May 2011, with a public presentation scheduled at the end of the academic year. The projects may take the form of a publishable paper, photographs, film, music score, performance, theater piece, or documented research experiment, etc. Proposals will be reviewed and selected in the fall quarter by a faculty jury comprised of members from the arts and the sciences.

Projects may, but need not be, part of a larger MA/MFA or PhD or course research endeavor. Applicants must have an endorsement by a faculty member. The objective is to identify and encourage innovative interactions between students from sciences and the arts. The review process will be competitive and the proposals will be evaluated on the basis of a number of criteria, including cross-disciplinary innovation and scholarly risk-taking. Successful proposals may request up to $2,000 to cover costs for materials, use of media labs, computation facilities, and in some cases machine-shop time, as well as costs associated with the design, implementation, literary documentation, specific joint research travel, publication and/or presentation of the project.

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