Call for Papers: Panel on Commodities, Consumerism, and Advertising at ASEEES 43rd Annual Convention

An announcement from our friends at ASEEES:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Panel on Commodities, Consumerism, and Advertising for ASEEES 2011

Seeking papers for a panel exploring the development of mass consumer culture in late Imperial Russia. My own work uses tea as a case study for exploring these and other issues.

Thinking about next year’s theme of authority, we might ask questions like:
– What cultural factors, governmental bodies, or social groups influenced the acceptance (or rejection) of newly introduced substances?
– How did representatives of church, state, and various social groups interpret the use (or abuse) of substances containing, for example, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol?
– How can the study of commodity exchange elucidate developments in Russian and East European politics, economics, and geopolitics in a given time period?
– To what extent have human beings been “commodified” in Russian/East European history?

Interested? Email me at

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