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“My Trip to Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter”, an informal presentation at the Armenian Circle, October 26

All are invited to the Armenian Circle at U of C featuring:

Anna Hofrichter

“My Trip to Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter”

(an informal presentation in English)

Tuesday, October 26, 6:00pm (Cobb 218)

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“History and Fiction: The Work of Danilo Kiš, Milorad Pavić and Radoslav Petković”, November 15

Slavic Colloquium, sponsored by the Department of Slavic Languages & Literature and CEERES:

“History and Fiction: The Work of Danilo Kiš, Milorad Pavić abd Radoslav Petković”. Presented by Professor Adrijana Marčetić, University of Belgrade, Department of Comparative Literature.

The lecture will take place on Monday, November 15, at 4pm in Foster 103.

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Film screening and discussion with Goran Radovanović, November 12

CEERES is proud to present a film screening and discussion with an acclaimed writer, director, and documentarian Doran Radonović.

“Otpor: The Fight to Save Serbia” and “Casting – A South Europe Transition Film” will be shown on Friday, November 12, at 5pm, at the Franke Institute for the Humanities.

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“The Folk Essence of Modern Turkish Belly Dancing: A DVD Presentation”, October 28

CEERES is proud to co-sponsor this presentation, together with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago and the EthNoise Workshop.

“The Folk Essence of Modern Turkish Belly Dance: A DVD Presentation”

Jaynie Aydin
Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
University of California, Los Angeles

October 28th, 4:30pm
Goodspeed Hall, Room 402

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The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society, October 29-31

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society
University of Chicago
29-31 October 2010

WORKSHOPS: In conjunction with the meeting, we are holding two workshops:


Keynote speakers:
Jouko Lindstedt (University of Helsinki)
Salikoko S. Mufwene (The University of Chicago)
Aleksandr Rusakov (University of St. Petersburg & Russian Academy of Sciences)

Led by Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)

{see below for more information}


We invite papers on all topics in Slavic linguistics, regardless of theoretical orientation.


We invite paper proposals on all aspects of contact and Slavic, diachronic and synchronic, including such topics as contact and the development of the Slavic languages, contact between different Slavic languages, and contact between Slavic and non-Slavic languages.

Led by Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)

Deadline for abstracts: 14 September 2010 Notification: 1 October 2010
Slavic linguistics programs compete against each other for graduate students, but when it comes to undergraduate enrollments we are allies working to expand and strengthen the Slavic field and the position of linguistics in it. Slavic linguistics is a small but important field that does not need to produce large numbers of specialists but does need to reach out to non-specialists, attract more minors and double majors, and demonstrate to university administrators and our non-linguist colleagues its importance in the broader curriculum and in the task of helping form an enlightened citizenry.  This workshop is designed to share experiences and raise the visibility of  successful undergraduate elective and interdisciplinary content courses (i.e. courses other than regular language courses) that Slavic linguists teach and other Slavic linguists can profitably emulate.  We invite papers and presentations about such courses and related curricular matters.

We view this as a real workshop which will give us the opportunity to come together and discuss the role of Slavic linguistics today.

Speakers who are presenting in the main session or the contact workshop are invited to participate in the Slavic Linguistics & Curriculum workshop as well.

From the organizers:
Victor Friedman
Yaroslav Gorbachov
Lenore Grenoble

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Silent Film with Organ Accompaniment: Aelita: Queen of Mars, October 29

The Soviet Arts Experience Event:

19th Annual Silent Film with Organ Accompaniment: Aelita: Queen of Mars

Jay Warren, organ
Friday, October 29, 2010, 8 pm
5850 South Woodlawn Avenue 773.702.7059

Based on Aleksei Tolstoy’s novel, Aelita was the world’s first feature film to use interplanetary travel as its main plot line. A brilliant engineer and a soldier travel to the Red Planet to find it inhabited by meek humanoids and ruled with an iron fist by the beautiful Aelita, who has fallen in love with the engineer after watching him across space through a telescope. A unique set design captures Soviet Constructivism at its most unhinged, although the film was banned by the Soviet government during the Cold War period.

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Humanities Day, Friday October 23

Join the Division of Humanities on Saturday, October 23 and immerse yourself in a day of intellectual inspiration and artistic expression celebrating the 32nd annual Humanities Day at the  University of Chicago.

The program includes two CEERES related lectures:

David Wellbery
will give a lecture “Three Contemporary Poets on the Experience of Time: Richard Wilbur, C.K. Williams, and Adam Zagajewski” at 2pm in Stuart 105.

Philip V. Bohlman
will discuss popular music in his lecture “The Biggest Music Spectacle in the World: The Eurovision Song Contest” at 3:30pm in the Fulton Recital Hall

For more information, please go to the Humanities Day’s website:

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Call for Paper: Conference of the Association for Women in Slavic Studies: Gender in Conflict, Abstract Deadline January 15

5th Biennial Conference of the Association for Women in Slavic Studies


University of Texas, Austin, and Indiana University, Bloomington
Austin, TX
April 1-2, 2011

Call for Papers/Panels

As we approach the 20th anniversaries of the break-up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union respectively, this conference offers a timely opportunity to consider the causes and legacies of these historic events from the perspective of gender analysis and by examining women’s lives in particular. The conference will enable us to consider critically the extent to which gender as an element of identity formation, social relations, politics, economic activity, culture, and warfare has become or has still yet to become­ an essential category of analysis. Potential questions of engagement might include (but are not limited to): To what extent has gender become an important means for understanding conflict (military, political, social, economic) in the region? Are women’s issues still just that, or has there been a scholarly shift in agenda and perspective in the last two decades to consider them more generally as human issues? In framing analysis of gender and conflict how can we nuance women’s (and men’s) experiences, so that they are seen as agents of transformation or even destruction, rather than re-victimizing them as mere objects? The conference will not focus solely on Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union/CIS; indeed, we encourage prospective participants to think more broadly and thematically about the origins and legacies of these breakups and the shared historical experience of communism and the transition for the whole Eurasian and Eastern European region.

AWSS is also pleased to announce at this time that the keynote speaker will be Prof. Yana Hashamova, Director of Center for Slavic and East European Studies and Associate Professor of Slavic at The Ohio State University.

AWSS invites scholars of all disciplines (Slavic/Eurasian/East European studies, including anthropology, art, film, history, library science, literature, music, political science, popular culture, sociology, and any aspect of women’s studies) who are working on themes related to gender and conflict broadly defined in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to submit their abstracts electronically to Professor Maria Bucur ( for distribution to a multi-disciplinary conference committee. All proposals are due January 15, 2011. Applicants will be notified about their participation in mid-February.

Proposals for panels/papers must include:

· A 250-word abstract for each paper

· A two-page c.v. for each participant

· For panel proposals, we ask that the organizer send a cover page with the list of proposed participants as well as a brief description (150 words) of the panel.

Proposals for roundtables must include a brief description of the topic and, if possible, a list of presenters/facilitators.

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Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Purdue University, Abstract Deadline December 15

11th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium
Sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures’
Graduate Student Committee at Purdue University
Saturday, March 5, 2011

We welcome submissions in all areas of the Arts, Humanities, and
Social Sciences including, but not limited to, foreign languages and
literature, English, creative writing, linguistics, anthropology,
psychology, cultural studies, the visual arts, theater, music,
philosophy and history. Proceedings from the symposium will be
published in an online format.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Thomas Turino is a Professor of Music and
Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Beginning in 1977 he conducted four years of fieldwork on indigenous
and mestizo music in Peru resulting in the books Moving Away from
Silence (1993, Chicago), and Music in the Andes (2007, Oxford) and
numerous articles. In 1992, he began working in Zimbabwe to produce
Nationalists, Cosmopolitans, and Popular Music in Zimbabwe (2000,
Chicago) and various articles. In 2008, he published Music as Social
Life: The Politics of Participation (Chicago) which summarizes a
variety of theoretical ideas for ethnomusicology students. Currently
he is working on old-time string band music in the United States.

Abstract Submissions:
Please submit all abstracts of no more than 300 words by December 15,
2010 via email as an MSWord or PDF attachment to contacts Shogo
Sakurai: and Karen Morgan: In
your submission email please include the presenter’s name, institution
of affiliation, email address, phone number and any audio-visual
requirements for the presentation. Please omit identifying information
from the actual abstract document.

Visit for
details and updates.

$10.00 fee will be charged for accepted papers.

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Conference: Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, November 18-21

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies

The 42nd National Convention of the Association will be held in Los Angeles, California, from Thursday, November 18, to Sunday, November 21, 2010 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites. The theme of the 2010 convention is “War and Peace”.

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